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FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles Guide: Choose the Best FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles for Each Position (ST/CB/LB/RB/GK) in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

9/29/2017 10:58:24 PM

FIFA Chemistry is important in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team! You can use fut chemistry for your FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenge to get rewards easy; invest the popular chemistry to earn fifa 18 coins in market. Here we Upfifacoins.com share the FIFA 18 Chemistry Guide for you, hope this guide can help you, if you still do not understand the FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles how to work or want to know which best chemistry styles for your players in clubs. High Overall Chemistry is key to giving your players attribute boosts, while low Overall Chemistry will have the opposite effect. 

FIFA 18 Chemistry Apply

Team Chemistry

When building squads in FIFA Ultimate Team, you must pay close attention to team chemistry. A team with poor chemistry will not play as well as one with a high chemistry score, meaning that you must try to combine players into your team to make a playable XI. This provides an additional challenge as you cannot just pick 11 players at random and expect them to play well.

Player Chemistry

Players link to other players in your team and have stronger links if they share a nationality, a league or a club. Players from the same country and club will have the highest chemistry, as they have everything in common - this is known as a perfect link.

Each player has their own chemistry score based on their position as well as their connections to the players around them. This goes up to 10 if they are playing in their preferred position and have strong or perfect chemistry with their closest team-mates, and the full XI's combined score is the overall team chemistry. Therefore, not every player needs to have 10 chemistry to get an overall score of 100.

fifa 18 building chemistry

Bonus Chemistry

Manager - Chemistry can also be boosted by the addition of a manager. These staff cards also have a club and league, meaning they can give +1 chemistry to every player from that club or league in the XI. As well as that, players earn a loyalty bonus of +1 after they have played 10 games for your club or if you are the card's first owner (i.e. not bought from the transfer market).

  • Loyalty - This one is the easiest to control. When a player has played 10 games for your club they will receive an Individual Chemistry boost of one point. The shield icon on their card will show if you've earned this.

FUTBIN Consumables: FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles Prices and Information

fifa 18 chemistry Manager and Loyalty

Clever FIFA players can create unique squads by using chemistry correctly. Many players tend to pick either a single league XI or a single nation XI, but multiple leagues can be combined when strong links are used correctly. So how to choose the best Chemistry Styles for your clubs?

Basic Chemistry Style - Acceleration, Positioning, Finishing, Shot Power, Volleys, Penalties, Vision, Long Passing, Short Passing, Curve, Agility, Ball Control, Dribbling, Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, Jumping, and Strength by a small amount (max. 5 points each).

Best FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles for Attackers and Forwards - ST, CF, LW, RW

Best FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles for Attackers and Forwards

Best FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles for Attackers and Forwards2

Best FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles for Midfielders and Hybrid Styles - CAM, CM, LM, RM, CDM

Best Chemistry Styles for Midfielders and Hybrid Styles

Best Chemistry Styles for Midfielders and Hybrid Styles2

Best FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles for Defenders - CDM, CB, LB, RB, LWB, RWB

Best Chemistry Styles for Defenders

Best Chemistry Styles for Defenders2

Best FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles for Goalkeepers - GK

Best Chemistry Styles for Goalkeepers

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