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Fifa 18 Toty Guide Full List Of Fifa 18 Team Of The Year Nominees And Totyvote Squad In Fifa Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 TOTY Guide: Full list of FIFA 18 Team of the Year Nominees and #TOTYVote Squad in FIFA Ultimate Team

TAG: FIFA 18 TOTY 1/12/2018 10:44:57 PM

EA has announced the FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees players on January 8 GMT, who are the FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees? What FIFA 18 TOTY Players you have voted? Messi and Ronaldo are TOP 2 TOTY players, will ST Kane instead of Neymar this year? Harry Kane won the second Premier League Player of the Month for December! And what do you think the other position TOTY players? Vote your favourite FIFA 18 TOTY Players on January 12. Well, let's see the FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees and TOTY Vote squad at Upfifacoins.com!

FIFA 18 TOTY Votes Date

12/01/2018 - GMT (UCT +0)

For the first time ever, the Team of The Year will be voted on by a carefully curated list of media, athletes and EA SPORTS FIFA community members. This collective of ballot recipients has been chosen to represent the millions of FIFA players all over the world. Each team will be selected from a shortlist of 55 players, nominated by EA SPORTS for their real-world performance in 2017. Custom-built ballot boxes will be delivered to each recipient on January 8, containing all 55 of the nominee player items. Each vote will consist of three attackers, three midfielders, four defenders, and one goalkeeper in a 4-3-3 formation. Each ballot recipient will cast their vote by posting a photo of their team on social media with #TOTYVote by January 12.

#TOTYVote: FIFA 18 TOTY Predictions Squad

FIFA 18 TOTY Squad

Full List of FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees - FIFA 18 Team of the Year

FIFA 18 TOTY Goalkeepers

FIFA 18 TOTY Defenders

FIFA 18 TOTY Midfielders

FIFA 18 TOTY Forwards

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