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Fifa 18 Server Release Notes Feb 2 Adjusted The Latency Values For Fifa Online Modes And Fut Online Modes

FIFA 18 Server Release Notes (Feb 2): Adjusted the latency values for FIFA Online Modes and FUT Online Modes

TAG: FIFA 18 Update 2/4/2018 8:45:37 PM

The latest version of the FIFA 18 Server Release Notes are now live! EA Sports annouced the server release notes at Febuary 2, 2018, what issues has change in FIFA 18? Here is the Official EA News and we Upfifacoins.com update it for you. 

This is a summary of the changes that have been made, and the issues that have been addressed, via server releases between Dec 23rd, 2017 and Jan 31st, 2018.

This covers multiple versions of FIFA 18, including FIFA 18 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch, as well as FUT Web and The Companion App. When changes only apply to individual titles, that will be specifically identified.

Made the following changes in all FIFA Online modes and FUT Online modes for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC:

Adjusted the one way latency values that determine how many connection quality bars are displayed in all online modes.

   ● 5 bars : 0ms to 25ms

   ● 4 bars : 26ms to 50ms

   ● 3 bars : 51ms to 75ms

   ● 2 bars : 76ms to 100ms

   ● 1 bar : 100ms +

   ● We will continue to monitor for any further required changes.

Made the following changes in FIFA Ultimate Team on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC:

● Changed the match outcomes of some disconnects in FUT Champions Weekend League.

    ● We will continue to monitor for any further required changes.

Addressed the following issues on FUT Web/FIFA Companion App:

● ICONs had debug text showing for the League Name on some screens.

● The Chemistry values displayed for a Concept Squad, that was set as the Active Squad, were incorrectly increased.

● This was a visual issue that only occurs on FUT Web/FIFA Companion App.

● The Alex Hunter and Danny Williams items from The Journey being able to be submitted as part of the Squad Building Challenge if the squad was built on the console/PC and then submitted on FUT Web/FIFA Companion App.

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