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FIFA 18 Swap Deals Promotion Guide : FUT 18 Swap Deals Players Items with Specific Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team

TAG: FIFA 18 Swap Deals 4/4/2018 9:49:18 PM

New FIFA 18 Swap Deals promotion event for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team PS4, XBOX ONE and PC! FIFA 18 Swap Deals SBCs to get FUT Swap Deals Players item before FIFA 18 TOTS. Anyway this promotion is pretty decent but the only thing that could've been better is if they lowered the requirements a bit. 10 players for an ultimate pack is a bit ridiculous considering one more player and you can just get Alexis Sanchez. So what FUT Swap Deals Players you want to get? In additions to the Werner, Insigne and Zlatan, and then some of the cards aren't good enough to care about in FUT. Well, check out EA Sports FIFA News for FUT 18 Swap Deals.

FIFA 18 Swap Deals

Swap Deals is a brand new FUT event introduced this year by Electronic Arts where you win tokens by playing the game and trade them by great SBCs items. Will you cash in early or wait patiently to get even better rewards? The fate of your squad is up to you in FUT Swap Deals, a FIFA Ultimate Team event that helps players upgrade their squads in fresh ways through gameplay. 

Starting on April 4, valuable new Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) will be available in FUT that can only be completed using one or more Swap Deals player items. Earn these items by playing various FUT modes, including select Objectives, SBCs and Daily Knockout Tournaments.

EA releases several ways to win swap deals items and 16 squad building challenges where you can use your tokens.

How long this event takes?

The FIFA 18 Swap Deal event runs from April 4 to April 27.

How to win swap deals items

✔ Specific squad building challenges

✔ Specific objectives

✔ Specific daily knockout tournaments Rewards

What you can do with the swap deals items

You can keep with them or use them to complete specific SBCs in order to get these players

LB: Wendell, Leverkusen – 81  (2 FUT Swap Player items)

CDM: Jordan Henderson, Liverpool – 84  (2 FUT Swap Player items)

CM: Luka Modric, Real Madrid – 91  (11 FUT Swap Player items)

CM: Koke, Atletico Madrid – 87  (4 FUT Swap Player items)

CAM: Santi Cazorla, Arsenal – 86  (4 FUT Swap Player items)

CAM: Dimitri Payet, OM – 86  (4 FUT Swap Player items)

RW: Timo Werner, Leipzig – 85  (7 FUT Swap Player items)

CF: Lorenzo Insigne, Napoli – 88  (7 FUT Swap Player items)

ST: Alexis Sanchez, Manchester United – 91  (11 FUT Swap Player items)

ST: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, LA Galaxy – 90  (7 FUT Swap Player items)

ST: Carlos Tevez, Boca Juniors – 88  (11 FUT Swap Player items)

ST: Keita Balde Diao, AS Monaco – 84  (2 FUT Swap Player items)

FUT 18 Swap Deals Players

FIFA 18 Swap Deals Cards Rules

Electronic Arts introduced in FIFA 18 a brand new themed card. These cards are assigned to a selection of players and released throughout the event. These are the rules of these items:


FIFA 18 Swap Items cards become available for a limited time. You can earn them by playing various FUT modes, including Daily Knockout Tournaments, SBCs and select Objectives.


● They are not available in packs or in the transfer market.

● All Swap Deals SBCs are available for the entire event with a range of progressively more valuable rewards in exchange for more FUT Swap items.



● The Swap Deals items are special untradeable FUT items with the same rating as the player’s basic item

FIFA 18 Swap Deals SBCs - FUT Swap Deals Players Items

Here is the complete list of the FIFA 18 Swap Deals Players you can find (more items will be added soon):

● FUT Swap Deals SBCs go live at 4:00 PM PST on April 3.

● The first opportunity to earn a FUT Swap Deals player item will begin at 12:00 AM PST on April ● You will be able to collect a total of 12 FUT Swap Player Items during the campaign.


ST: Álvaro Negredo, Besiktas – 79

FIFA 18 Swap Deals Negredo

➡ How to Win

Daily Knockout Tournament II – Week 27


04/04/2018 (Wednesday) 8:00 am GMT (UTC +1)

04/04/2018 (Wednesday) 3:00 am EST (UTC -4)


06/04/2018 (Friday) 8:00 am GMT (UTC +1)

06/04/2018 (Friday) 3:00 am EST (UTC -4)


Exchange 10 FUT Swap items, earned during April, for an Ultimate Pack [Tradeable]

REWARDS: 1 x Ultimate Pack

FUT Swap Items: Exactly 10

Number of Players in the Squad: 10


Exchange 5 FUT Swap items, earned during April, for a Prime Gold Players Pack [Tradeable]

REWARDS: 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack

FUT Swap Items: Exactly 5

Number of Players in the Squad: 5

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