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April 27 Confirmed Voting Fifa 18 Community Tots On Futhead And Futwiz Now

April 27 Confirmed! Voting FIFA 18 Community TOTS on FUTHead and FUTWiz now!

TAG: FIFA 18 TOTS 4/15/2018 10:53:59 PM

April 27! FIFA 18 TOTS (Team of the Season) will kick off April 27th, 2018! The Community TOTS will be chosen by fan vote on FUTHead and FUTWiz. FIFA 18 Community TOTS is based on a shortlist of 100 players who performed consistently well throughout the season but did not receive a performance based in-form as of April 15. The 23 winners will be revealed when the team is announced on April 27th.

FIFA 18 Team of the Season

FIFA 18 TOTS Voting Link

FUTHead Link: https://www.futhead.com/tots/

FUTWiz Link: https://www.futwiz.com/en/fifa18/community-tots-builder

FIFA 18 TOTS Players 3

FIFA 18 TOTS Players 2

According to the lineup of the last year, the confirmed TOTS release dates for each squad are the following ones:

From April 27 Friday to May 4 Friday CONFIRMED

  Community TOTS

  Football League TOTS

  Rest of the World TOTS (#50 to #41)

From May 4 Friday to May 11 Friday CONFIRMED

  Premier League TOTS

  Rest of the World TOTS (#40 to #31)

From May 11 Friday to May 18 Friday CONFIRMED

  LaLiga TOTS

  Rest of the World TOTS (#30 to #21)

From May 18 Friday to May 25 Friday CONFIRMED

  Bundesliga TOTS

  Rest of the World TOTS (#20 to #11)

From May 25 Friday to June 1 Friday CONFIRMED

  Ligue 1 + Serie A TOTS

  Rest of the World TOTS (#10 to #1)

From June 1 Friday to June 8 Friday CONFIRMED

  Ultimate TOTS

FIFA 18 TOTS Players

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