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FIFA 19 Champions League and The Journey 3 Alex Hunter! Play World Cup on FIFA 18 Free Trial Now!

TAG: FIFA 19 Guides 6/10/2018 5:52:00 PM

FIFA 19 will be released on September 28 on PS4, XBOX ONE, PC and Nintendo Switch, with the European Champions League featured throughout the game, publisher EA announced at June 9th during EA Play 2018. Pre-Order FIFA 19 Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition to early access 3 days.

EA spent most of its FIFA time this E3 bigging up the European Champion's League, fresh to the upcoming FIFA 19 after Pro Evolution Soccer lost the license, and in a rather predictable stunt wheeled the cup itself out on stage. There was a FIFA 19 trailer: UEFA Champions League according to the bloke on stage, of how the game will bring the competition to life, apparently through emphasising the 'stories' of individual players like Ronaldo. As part of this, the Champion's League will feature across the game's modes: in much-loved story mode FIFA 19 The Journey as well as FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 19 Champions League Mode

With FIFA 19, EA is adding UEFA Champions League to the game. This move was hardly a surprise though since UEFA ended its partnership with Konami back in April. However, it's still a big get for EA, bringing the big club tournament in the world to its soccer franchise. It also allows EA to pad its options on the pitch, following the recent addition of the World Cup.

Experience the world's most prestigious club competition in FIFA 19 with the addition of the UEFA Champions League. Achieve European glory with your favorite club in Career Mode or the all-new standalone UEFA Champions League mode.

FIFA 19 The Journey Story Mode - Alex Hunter

Discover the exciting finale of Alex Hunter's story in The Journey: Champions. EA has been keen on telling the story of English soccer phenom Alex Hunter for a while now, but his story is about to be told from another perspective. 

Build your dream squad with live UEFA Champions League and Europa League content updates in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. If you want to test drive that new World Cup mode though, EA is offering the game for free right now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

FIFA 18 Free Trial

The FIFA 18 world cup mode comes alongside a trial of FIFA 18 across all platforms, that allows players to download and play the full game for free. This comes with the tagline "Every team. Every stadium. Play it free.", though much more impressive was a line that closed the competition, about “20 million people from 60 countries playing competitively this year.”

Want to complete the FIFA 19 Champions League matches, arrives on September 28th! Upfifacoins.com will provide the safest FIFA 19 Coins for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC online! Looking forward to!