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Fifa 18 Flash Sbc Cheapest Fifa 18 Flash Sbc Squad Building Challenge For 35K Fifa Coins Mega Pack

FIFA 18 Flash SBC: Cheapest FIFA 18 Flash SBC Squad Building Challenge for 35K FIFA Coins Mega Pack

6/21/2018 10:33:23 AM

New FIFA 18 Flash SBC and Festival of FUTball has revealed by EA Sports! Fast to complete the cheapest FIFA 18 Flash SBC Squad Building Challenge to get 35K FIFA Coins Mega Pack! And the Festival of FUTball squad with best players has available in FUT Packs now! What players have you pulled? 98 Ronaldo, 94 Kane, 95 Lukaku, 95 Isco...... Well, check out Upfifacoins.com FIFA 18 Flash SBC squad builder challenge with cheapest FIFA 18 Coins in here!

Flash SBC - FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenge

Rewards: 1 x Mega Pack

• Min. Rare Players: 3

• Exactly Gold Players

• Min. Players from different Leagues: 6

• Max 2 Players from the same Nation

• Min. Team Chemistry: 85

• Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Notes: below flash sbc squads with around 6K - 7K fut coins, no loyalty, no position.

FIFA 18 Flash SBC

FIFA 18 Flash SBC 2

FIFA 18 Flash SBC 3