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FIFA 19 Black Friday Crash Guide - Should you sell your players now or wait a few more weeks

10/30/2018 4:30:37 PM

Black Friday is coming! EA Sports are set to release their usual collection of FIFA 19 Black Friday special promotions at Friday in November, such as lightning rounds, flash SBCs and special weekly objectives. What players you have invested? Today we upfifacoins.com will detail you the Black Friday market crash on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. When should you sell your team and other FIFA items to make FIFA 19 Coins in FIFA 19 is just going to be an overall FIFA 19 Black Friday Market Crash guide.

fifa 19 Bale

Now as we can see Gareth Bale, he has dropped around 40K or 30K FIFA 19 coins just in one week, and this is an effect because of the Black Friday market crash. And there is still quite a few weeks to go, Black Friday is going to be on November 23rd which is going to be the second  Friday in November, so this is going to be very exciting.  

But there is a question about if people should be starting selling their team right now or if they should still wait a few weeks, play a few more FUT Champions League or Weekend Leagues FIFA 19 and then sell it. 

Right now it's probably going to be the best time to sell. 

1. I know people are still going to hold on to their FIFA 19 Player cards for a few more weeks, place on FUT champions and after in a week or maybe in two weeks, it's going to be way too late to sell. 

2. People are just going to keep undercutting each other, because they're going to notice that they've played the FIFA Weekend League that they wanted to, but will get that much FIFA coins from the Fut weekend leagues unless you are a FIFA 19 Pro Player, which in that case you're not really going to be selling your Ultimate team in the first place. So if you're just a casual player, your team's worth maybe around 500K FIFA 19 coins to around 1500K coins or 2000K FIFA coins.

3. Now would probably be the best time to sell, just take the coins. Because you don't know what's going to be happening in the following weeks, we never know if there's going to be another mini promo which could cause a mini crash before this Black Friday. So in my opinion, it's just a lot safer to take the coins right now.

FIFA 19 Player cardsFIFA 19 Players

As we can see some players here Perisic, they have been dropping quite a lot. This few other players as well that will be coming up, but some people have actually been claiming that Black Friday will make the players rise and some people have been confused, because we have FIFA 19 Division Rivals and Fut Champions Rewards, it has actually caused increase in more like people buying these players because they've just got Queens and it allows them to buy higher players for the following weekend League.

Upfifacoins.com will continue to update the FIFA 19 Black Friday in our store. Want to buy FIFA 19 Coins to invest the players in market? Upfifacoins provides the cheap FUT 19 Coins for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC