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FIFA 19 Black Friday Guide - Release Date, Pack Offers, Flash SBC, Market Crash and Investment Tips

TAG: FIFA 19 EVENTS Cards 11/2/2018 12:51:59 AM

FIFA 19 Black Friday event as the annual shopping holiday and one of the biggest promo for the FUT Community before Christmas, is approaching fast with special offers, market crash and investments on FUT. In this guide, we try to detail the FIFA 19 Black Friday release date, offers, and the market crash will be caused, in order to help you gain a better and clearer understanding as to how the upcoming FUT event work!

FIFA 19 Black Friday Guide - Release Date, Pack Offers, Flash SBC, Market Crash and Investment Tips

FIFA 19 Black Friday Release Time

When Will FIFA 19 Black Friday Drop Into The Game?

Although the confirmed release date of FIFA 19 Black Friday has not been officially announced, but as we know Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day (22 November, 2018), so the  FIFA 19 Black Friday event in FUT will start From 23/11/2018 (Fri) 06PM to 24/11/2017 (Sat) 06PM GMT.

FIFA 19 Black Friday Offers

What offers in FIFA 19 Black Friday?

The FUT Black Friday offers have not officially been confirmed yet, but surely on FIFA Ultimate Team we will certainly see some beautiful offers, promotions, sales and events of all kinds. The offers in FIFA 18 include a variety of lightning round pack offers, Flash SBCs, and themed Weekly Objectives would come back this year. 

Lightning Round Pack Offers

Some of the very best FUT packs will be offered on an hourly basis throughout the Black Friday promotion, with a limited number available:

Hourly pack offers on Friday would start from November 23rd at 2pm UK time to November 24th at 2pm UK.

The packs offered in FIFA 18 Black Friday:

Ultimate 125k Packs (2,500 FIFA Points)

Jumbo Rare Player 100k Packs (2,000 FIFA Points)

Rare Mega 55k Packs (1,100 FIFA Points)

Rare Player 50k Packs (1,000 FIFA Points)

Prime Gold 45k Packs (600 FIFA Points)

Mega 35k Packs (700 FIFA Points)

Premium Gold Players 25k Packs (350 FIFA Points)

Flash Squad Building Challenges

Special Flash SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) will be available for a very limited time and will appear in FUT throughout Black Friday. Rewards will include multiple pack varieties!

Themed Weekly Objectives

The Weekly Objectives will be themed for FIFA 19 Black Friday. The more you engage with these Objectives, the better your potential rewards will be!

FIFA 18 Themed Weekly Objectives:

Play 10 matches – Premium Gold Pack and a Black Friday kit (untradeable)

Play 20 matches – Premium Electrum Players Pack (untradeable)

Play 30 matches – Premium Gold Players Pack (untradeable)

Black Friday Kit

The themed kit will be available exclusively as a reward for a Weekly Objective. FUT users will not be able to obtain this kit anywhere else!

Check out FIFA 18 Black Friday Offers

FIFA 19 Black Friday Market Crash and Investment Tips

FIFA 19 Black Friday promises to be thrilling, it's still more than 20days to the fateful date, but certainly the Canadian developer will begin to offer offers as early as a few weeks before, to end the cycle on November 26, with Cyber Monday. But how to prepare for the FIFA 19 Black Friday? What is the best strategy? Should I sell my team now or wait a few more weeks? Better to save while waiting for the perfect deal or better to spend everything immediately? It's all about trying to guess what could happen and move ahead.

For example, we can finally build the dreamy squad, as player prices are likely to drop a lot. Once a budget is set, we can also invest some fifa coins in one or more experimental players, who could then rise in price in the next few months. We can do some good business right now, as many have already sold their players to cash in on Black Friday.

Everything is therefore always keeping an eye on the market in order to make the blow of the year. Whether it's Messi or Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo or Mbappé, the important thing is to seize the moment. And the best time to end the deal is probably almost there: stay alert from the end of the Weekend League on Monday 12 and Thursday 15 November. You will not regret for sure.

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