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FIFA 19 Cyber Monday Investing Guide - Which Players You Should Buy & Sell During Cyber Monday

11/29/2018 3:45:45 PM

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, Black Friday crashed the market a lot, many people choose to buy or sell their players on Black Friday. In addition to Black Friday, there’s another FUT promotion you could choose - Cyber Monday, which takes place three days after the Black Friday. So today we upfifacoins.com are going to be detailing you about what to invest during Cyber Monday.

FIFA 19 Cyber Monday Investing - What To Buy/Sell During Cyber Monday

Basically, there's not that much to invest, but there's a few players that you could invest in because FIFA 19 Cyber Monday is gonna be a crazy day. As we know that Cyber Monday has already released a  FIFA 19 new flashback Alexander Pato SBC which is a high in demand player. A lot of player must invest, and that is going to push some player cards up. Right now below cards are pretty high in value.

Then what to invest during FUT Cyber Monday?

Hummels & Handanovic: Hummels is 44K before, but now 55K. Handanovic is going for 35K, now he’s selling for 50K. These players will all go up for the Weekend League, so definitely look at these players on Cyber Monday.

Isco: He is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. He’s one of the best attacking midfielders in the world. This is a special card with 89 ratings. I got him about 31K FIFA 19 coins, now he’s selling for 40K, so he’s already up 10K coins. You can invest him for Cyber Monday.

FIFA 19 Cyber Monday Investing Isco price


Iniesta: One of the best central midfielder. He’s very easy to link onto teams and he’s going for about 22K FUT coins or even less. He’s now selling for 37K. He’ll be increased after the first couple of hours of Cyber Monday and then the price is just going to gradually go up in the weeks or after Monday. Anyway, he’s a very good investment.

FIFA 19 Iniesta PRICE

FIFA 19 Iniesta

All these cards are already up a lot. So if you haven’t already invested in these, maybe try to get some of these on a snipe because I do think they will rise. And you can make a couple of FIFA 19 coins during Cyber Monday.

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