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FIFA 19 Flashback Alves SBC - Cheapest Solution To Complete 90 Dani Alves SBC In Ultimate Team

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC Cards 12/4/2018 11:52:08 AM

EA has released an absolutely exceptional flashback card on Monday night called Dani Alves Flashback from PSG who’s out of there celebrating his 2010-2011 season. To unlock Flashback Alves, you have to complete Dani Alves SBC. Have you invested yet? Today we upfifacoins.com bring you a FIFA 19 Dani Alves SBC cheapest solution here plus requirements, price and Flashback Alves player review!

FIFA 19 Flashback Alves

You just need to complete 2 squad building challenges to get 90 Dani Alves, includes Blaugrana SBC and Selecao SBC that will cost you about 270K Fut coins.

Note: FIFA 19 Flashback Dani Alves SBC will be out there for three days from December 4th to December 7th, 7:00 pm.

FIFA 19 Flashback Dani Alves SBC - Selecao 

Rewards: 1 × Rare Maga Pack


Brazil Players: Min 1

Team of the Week Players: Min 1

Team Overall Rating: Min 86

Team Chemistry: Min 80

Players in the Squad: 11

3 days remaining

FIFA 19 Flashback Dani Alves SBC - Blaugrana 

Rewards: 1 Prime Gold Players Pack


FC Barcelona Players: Min 1

Team Overall Rating: Min 85

Team Chemistry: Min 80

3 days remaining

Here are the solutions to unlock Flashback Dani Alves FIFA 19.

Selecao Squad Building Challenge - Cheapest Dani Alves Flashback SBC FIFA 19

Set up 4-3-3 Fut formation/lineup

Rating: 86 

Chemistry: 87

Under 180K FIFA 19 coins with no loyalty and 1 position change.

Selecao Squad Building Challenge

Blaugrana Squad Building Challenge - Cheapest Dani Alves Flashback SBC FIFA 19

Set up 4-3-3(2) Fut formation/lineup

Rating: 85

Chemistry: 84

About 110K with no loyalty, 1 position change.

Blaugarana Squad Building Challenge

FIFA 19 Flashback Dani Alves Player Review In Ultimate Team

Dani Alves is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a right back for French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team. After Juanfran, Gotze, Pedro, Chicharito, Hernandez, Sturridge, Pato and Boateng, Dani Alves has become the eighth Flashback card of FIFA game. And this is the first flashback on FIFA 19 that has 90 ratings.

FIFA 19 Flashback Alves Player Review

This is a team of the season level card, what’s even better about this is there are so many links to Alves. He’s so decent with 90 pace, 89 dribbling and 85 passing. His in-game stats are very brilliant. 91 sprint speed, very high 98 shot power, and 89 crossing is very effective in FIFA. The only disadvantage is his 69 finishing and 61 strength plus he’s just 5 foot 8, but the 90 jumping might be able to balance out the 5 foot 8 a little bit. But with the high low works, he might not always be in the position to be able to block out those situations. But anyway, this card is very worth investing, every step of his stats are better than the previous Flashbacks on FIFA 19.

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