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FIFA 19 FUTMAS SBC Day 8 - Cheapest Solution To Complete Rodrigo FUTMAS SBC In Ultimate Team

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC Cards 12/22/2018 12:34:17 PM

Follow below upfifacoins.com FIFA news, you can know how to complete FIFA 19 FUTMAS Rodrigo SBC with cheapest solution plus the requirements, price and FUTMAS Rodrigo player review.

FIFA 19 FUTMAS Rodrigo Day 8 

Since FUTMAS Event was released by EA Sports, a series of Christmas cards have dropped on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, some of them are very worth investing. And today is FUTMAS Day 8, what kind of FUTMAS players SBCs will be available today? Yesterday's SBCs featured some cracking players, with Dele Alli the pick of the bunch. However, it might actually be topped by today's cards including Rodrigo, Arias and Kovacic. As Rodrigo proved so popular to people, so we'll bring you cheapest solution to complete the Rodrigo FUTMAS SBC FIFA 19, so that you can add Rodrigo FUTMAS card to your Ultimate Team.

FIFA 19 FUTMAS SBC Day 8 - Rodrigo

Rewards: Rodrigo (Untradeable)


La Liga Santander Players: Min 3

Spain Players: Min 3

Team of the Week of Ultimate Scream Players: Min 2

Team Overall Rating: Min 85

Team Chemistry: Min 85

Players in the Squad: 11

Rodrigo Squad Building Challenge - Cheap SBC Rodrigo FUTMAS FIFA 19

Set up 4-4-1-1(2)Fut formation/lineup

Rating: 85

Chemistry: 88

Rodrigo FUTMAS SBC will cost 150K with no loyalty, no position change cards.

Cheap FUTMAS SBC Rodrigo FIFA 19

FIFA 19 Rodrigo SBC FUTMAS Day 8 - FUTMAS Rodrigo Player Review FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Rodrigo is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Valencia CF and the Spain national team as a winger or striker. He already has a Champions League card which is 40K. And now he’s got the FUTMAS card with 86 rating, which is the highest one of three FUTMAS SBCs for day 8. He’s got 4-star skill moves, 3-star weak foot, with the incredible 92 pace, 82 dribbling and 84 shooting he will be a nightmare for defenders. 89 acceleration, 94 sprint speed make him one of the fastest striker and can score you lots of goals. With 86 agility, 84 ball control, 87 attacking position, he’s able to play advances winger as well. I think he can also be put on the left-hand side, because his left force is absolutely dominant. 

FUTMAS Rodrigo Player Review FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

The only weakness is that he doesn’t have the best amount of balance and composure, so he can miss a couple of chances at times especially in one-to-one situations. But he’s still amazing, he’ll do a lot for you if you use him in the game. So If you love Rodrigo or La Liga or Spanish players, go and do Rodrigo FUTMAS SBC now!

Rodrigo has proven a very popular player in FIFA 19, and his FUTMAS item is sure to be no different. Although a few people said this FUTMAS card is not worth investing cause it's sucks. But I think how good this card is depending on what you’re needing. If you have any demand of buying Fut coins to invest Rodrigo SBC FUTMAS, upfifacoins.com here always provides cheap FIFA 19 coins XBOX ONE, PS4, PC and Switch with Coupon Code - "F19" - 5% Discount!

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