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FIFA 19 FUTMAS SBC Day 10- Cheapest Solution To Complete FUTMAS Blaise Matuidi SBC In Ultimate Team

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC Cards 12/24/2018 2:53:47 PM

Merry Christmas to all of you! Follow below upfifacoins.com FIFA news you can know the cheapest solution to complete FUTMAS Blaise Matuidi SBC FIFA 19 plus the FUTMAS Matuidi player review, requirements and price!

FIFA 19 FUTMAS Blaise Matuidi

As many of you know, FUTMAS Event has officially been confirmed for FIFA 19 on December. And today is FUTMAS Day 10 which is also Christmas Eve. Another 3 new FUTMAS SBCs are out, you can get Matuidi, Thiago Silva and Valencia FUTMAS cards by complete the three FUTMAS squad building challenges now. Then who do you think is worth investing? Follow this guide you know how to get FUTMAS Blaise Natuidi easily which is one of the best midfielders in FIFA game. 

This special upgraded FUT player is also expected to follow suit from previous years, being released exclusively via SBC FUTMAS Matuidi FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 FUTMAS SBC Day 10 - Blaise Matuidi

Rewards: Matuidi (Special) (Untradeable)


France Players: Min 3

Team of the Week or Ultimate SCREAM Players: Min 2

Team Overall Rating: Min 85

Team Chemistry: Min 80

Players in the Squad: 11

Blaise Matuidi SBC - Cheapest SBC Matuidi FUTMAS FIFA 19 

Set up 3-1-4-2 Fut formation/lineup

Rating: 85

Chemistry: 81

FUTMAS SBC Matuidi will cost about 120K FIFA 19 coins with no loyalty, no position change cards.

Cheapest SBC Matuidi FUTMAS FIFA 19

FIFA 19 FUTMAS Matuidi SBC Day 10 - FUTMAS Blaise Matuidi Player Review In Ultimate Team 

Blaise Matuidi is a French professional footballer who plays for Juventus and the France national team as a midfielder. He is described as a "fierce and strong tackler". And Matuidi is a former France youth international. He’s got great in-game stats, 87 rated with 80 pace, 81 dribbling, 85 defending, 85 physicality. 2-star weak foot and 2-star skill moves are huge issues for him, but he’s a CDM, you just want to clear the ball. Amazing 96 stamina, 85 short pass, 84 composure, 88 slide tackle can be big advantages that make him so overpowered at the beginning of the game. And he gets a lot of links with all the French players that you can link. 

FUTMAS Blaise Matuidi Player Review In Ultimate Team

This is a great FUTMAS SBC from EA. I highly recommend you to go ahead and complete this. Cause Matuidi player card on the market is selling for about 150K, it’s worth completing 100% if you can get him by completing Matuidi FUTMAS SBC for about 120K. And he already has a UCL card, he can be a good upgrade for you. 

All in all, FUTMAS Matuidi card can be a good investment for you in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, so just go complete Matuidi FUTMAS SBC FIFA 19 and get Matuidi FUTMAS card! If you have any demand of buying Fut coins, upfifacoins.com here always sells cheap FIFA 19 coins XBOX ONE, PC, PS4, Switch with Coupon Code - "F19" - 5% Discount! If you want to know all three FUTMAS SBCs for FUTMAS Day 10, you might also interested in FIFA 19 FUTMAS SBC Cheapest Solution.