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FIFA 19 IF Jesus Player Review - 85 IF Gabriel Jesus Player Review In Ultimate Team

12/26/2018 4:13:41 PM

Follow below upfifacoins.com FIFA news you can know the player from the brand new team of the week FIFA 19 in the form of the 85 rated Gabriel Jesus player review. He got this inform for scoring twice in Manchester City’s, win against Everton and it’s a pretty good-looking card which is going to cost you under 220K FIFA 19 coins.

FIFA 19 IF Jesus Player Review

FIFA 19 IF Gabriel Jesus Player Review In Ultimate Team

Gabriel Jesus is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester City and the Brazil national team. He has instant impact, he scored in every single game. He’s Manchester City strike engine and performs outstandingly in all respects, with almost no shortcomings, especially since he became the IF player. His stats and skills were being upgraded a lot. As you can see: 

FIFA 19 Gabriel Jesus Original Card

FIFA 19 Gabriel Jesus Original Card

FIFA 19 Gabriel Jesus IF Card

FIFA 19 Gabriel Jesus IF Card

IF Gabriel Jesus Skills

IF Gabriel Jesus has got 85 rated with 88 pace that makes him very fast, not gonna blaze past defenses like Aubameyang or Mbappe.75 passing is good enough for tika taka, and for the occasional through ball to a winger, but don't be trying cross field passes or crosses, unless you've chem'd him as such. 88 dribbling is great for a striker, you don’t need to worry that he couldn't control the ball, and never worry about his turning or ability to take on someone in 1v1. 75 physicality is strong for a striker of his stature. Won't win many 50/50s but can retain the ball under pressure quite often due to his well rounded physical stats. 84 shooting is not as great as FIFA 18 which is not something exclusive to this card, but still much better than many decent strikers.

IF Gabriel Jesus In-Game Stats

He’s got incredible 92 attack positioning, he makes that counter take him right off the last defender at the perfect time. He always makes space for himself and that’s what he’s good at. His 76 long shots aren’t that great, when you get inside the box incredible, but out side the box not so flesh. His 86 ball control, 89 acceleration are very good enough, and 86 stamina is also great which is a massive plus. Although he only has 69 strength, but 94 agility, 89 acceleration, 93 balance are very solid and can make up for that. With his great in-game stats, he could be amazing in the game. 

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