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FIFA 19 Fut Swap Deals January - Fut Swap Deals Players Review In Ultimate Team

1/4/2019 12:02:07 PM

Follow below upfifacoins.com FIFA news you can know the FIFA 19 January Fut Swap Deals tips & players review.

FIFA 19 Fut Swap Deals January

Fut Swap Deals promo in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team have proved so popular to people, that you can earn great rewards by exchanging FUT Swap players in FIFA 19 SBCs and win tokens by playing the game and trade them by great Fut squad building challenges items in FIFA 19. And Fut Swap Deals can provide players many opportunities to upgrade their FUT squads. Now EA Sports have released the 6 new Fut Swaps of the month of January for the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team mode. In this guide, you can know Fut Swap January.

How To Get January Fut Swap Deals Items In FIFA 19

Fut Swap Deals items can be earned for a limited time through different modes such as: 

1.FIFA 19 Squad Battles

2.FIFA 19 Squad Building Challenges

3.Weekly objectives and Daily Event

FIFA 19 January Fut Swap Deals Players Review In Ultimate Team 

Fut Swap Deals Rewards Lucas Perez 

This is definitely an interesting one which cost 3 tokens. Perez is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for English club West Ham United as a forward. 4-star weak foot, 4-star skill moves, 80 pace, 82 dribbling, well-rounded 83 shooting. His reactions, ball control and dribbling are good, but his stamina and composure are a little low. But I think for 3 tokens this is actually a quality card.

Fut Swap Deal Reward Lucas Perez

Fut Swap Deals Rewards Maxwel Cornet

Cornet is an Ivorian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Ligue 1 club Olympique Lyonnais and the Ivory Coast national team. He’s very quick, 84 rated with 91 pace,81 dribbling, 81 shooting, 5-star weak foot is actually quite interesting, 91 acceleration, 88 agility, 85 balance, this is a quality card and three tokens it's minimal, you will literally get three tokens by just naturally playing the game.

Fut Swap Deal Reward Maxwel Cornet

Fut Swap Deals Rewards Quincy Promes

He is a Dutch footballer who plays as a winger or a forward for Spanish club Sevilla and the Netherlands national team. 83 rated with great 83 dribbling, 87 agility, 86 finishing. His defending is very low, but he’s got 90 pace, 91 sprint speed, 4-star weak foot, 5-star skill moves. He isn’t the watch card, on the market it’s about to crash if it is. He already has a purchasable card on the market that you can get for 40K FIFA 19 coins. So I think you don’t need to waste your 6 tokens on this card.

Fut Swap Deal Reward Quincy Promes

Fut Swap Deals Rewards Danny Da Costa

He is a German footballer who plays as a right back in the Bundesliga for Eintracht Frankfurt. 84 overall with 89 pace, 81 dribbling, 82 defending, quite unique 85 physicality, this card looks fantastic which could be one of the best right backs in the game. He’s got 83 stamina, 87 strength, 93 sprint speed. And this card will cost 7 Fut Swap items.

Fut Swap Deal Reward Danny Da Costa

Fut Swap Deals Rewards Lautaro Martínez

Martinez is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a striker for Italian club Internazionale and the Argentine national team. He’s 6.2 medium high, 84 rating, he’s got 4-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves, great 88 pace, 86 physicality, his balance is a little low, but he has very nice defensive stats. This is a quality card that cost 7tokens, I don’t think you will need an anchor or a shadow on him because he has 93 sprint speed already. 

Fut Swap Deal Reward Lautaro Martínez

Fut Swap Deals Rewards Moussa Dembélé

Dembélé is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the Belgium national team. He’s a very popular Premier League player, 87 rated with  4-star weak foot, 4-star skill moves. In general, decent finishing and 86 short power. 75 positioning is a little lower, 85 long shots are not really great, but with time finishing, that’s still okay. This is a top card, but I don’t think it’s worth investing for 9 tokens.

Fut Swap Deal Reward Moussa Dembélé

How To Get FIFA 19 January Fut Swap Deals Players

You need to win three FUT Division Rivals matches. They were fresh every 24 hours is that once you get 1 player, it will refresh and that allowing you to collect another FIFA 19 Swap Player to submit into the FIFA 19 SBC. And once you get enough FUT Swap items, you can complete the specific SBC with certain amounts of items to earn the FUT Swap SBC rewards players. 

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