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FIFA 19 TOTY Market Crash Guide - Should You Buy Your Players Now In Ultimate Team

1/6/2019 11:42:28 AM

It’s the New Year 2019, and FIFA 19 TOTY is coming! Follow below upfifacoins.com FIFA news you can know the TOTY Market Crash investing guide about should you buy your teams right now or wait until the full TOTY players release.

FIFA 19 Team Of The Year Market Crash

As EA Sports have added the TOTY countdown to the Ultimate Team, the market has gone down extremely low and this is going to be officially a huge market crash, of course with Black Friday the TOTY Market Crash was mainly just about panic selling, but during team of the year, this might actually be like a long-term market crash which is different to Black Friday. 

But there is a question about if now would be a good time to buy players or still wait until the full Team Of The Year is released as the TOTY release date is on January 7th. 

Right now is probably going to be the best time to buy players for preparing upcoming TOTY Crash FIFA 19.

1. You don't know what's going to be happening in the following days. I know some people are still going to hold on to their FIFA 19 coins for a few more days, but it's going to be way too late to buy.

2. As you can see Bale, he’s for 310K FIFA 19 coins now, so he’s already dropped 60K coins and actually you could pick him up yesterday for 300K in the market has actually gone up a bit. During the day he could be 300K and then maybe later on the day or earlier he will actually rise back up to 310K, so this is going to be a risky situation. 

FIFA 19 TOTY Market crash Bale

3. It’s the same as the Black Friday Crash should you sell your players now or wait a few more weeks . People are just going to keep undercutting each other, because they're going to notice that they've played the FIFA Weekend League that they wanted to, but will get that much FIFA coins from the Fut weekend leagues unless you are a FIFA 19 Pro Player, which in that case you're not really going to be selling your Ultimate team in the first place. So TOTY Market Crash FIFA 19 is exactly the same.

So right now is the best time to buy your teams to prepare for the TOTY crash or TOTY SBC before it’s too late and all the prices start rising. There has already been a huge drop in player prices recently even lower than Black Friday. This is the best time to buy cheap players in FUT 19 and it’s worthwhile to invest the valuable FIFA 19 coins. But if you want to take a bit of a risk, you can still wait until 6:00 pm for Team Of The Year Market Crash on Monday, January 7th.