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Fifa 19 Lunar New Year Market Crash - How To Make Fifa 19 Coins And What To Do During Lunar New Year Crash

TAG: FIFA 19 EVENTS Cards 2/5/2019 6:22:15 AM

lunar new year promotion 2019 which is also known as the chinese new year is coming into fifa 19 ultimate team. and there will be lots of promo packs, themed squad building challenges and kits for fifa fans and it's a good opportunity to make investment and save or earn fut coins, as the chinese new year promo will start on the 8th of february and that is in around 2 weeks time and that gives you plenty of time to pick up some players a good price and make fifa 19 coins . and today we upfifacoins.com will detail you the fifa 19 lunar new year market crash about what to do during lunar new year crash.

fifa 19 lunar new year market crash

what to do during the fifa 19 lunar new year market crash

1. investing during for a growing team of the year will be insane because of the market crash. as soon as packs get open the whole lunar new year offers get released, there’s gonna be loads of packs and many people will open packs, everyone will try to get the lunar new year cards. so what you need to do is go into special cards and pick up discard special cards, just keep picking up 10k, two weeks they will go up in price and it’s a nice and easy way to gain coins and pick up high rated players. 

2. preparing for the sbcs, you can keep or buy some high rated gold players and few if cards during the chinese new year crash.

3. consumable trading, there’s gonna be many packs opened and what is the least things people look at, then they open a pack, that always look for the players if they get a consumable, they don’t even look, so there are loads and loads of consumable waste which you can actually make profits.

during the fifa 19 lunar new year event, price in the transfer market is still don't get much affected by the promotion as it is a less known event in the game. however, you still can make some fifa coins during the promotion, because there would be special requirements for fifa 19 lunar new year sbc's. you can stock some for making coins.?

are you excited for this fifa ultimate team promotion? want to buy fut coins upcoming fifa 19 lunar new year investment? the cheapest fifa 19 coins in upfifacoins.com are provided for you!