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Fifa 19 Premium Cech Sbc - Cheapest Solution To Complete 91 Petr Cech Sbc In Ultimate Team

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC Cards 2/12/2019 12:59:53 PM

follow below upfifacoins.com fifa news you can know the cheapest solution to complete fifa 19 premium cech sbc plus the price, requirements and cech player review!

fifa 19 premium cech sbc

ea has released 2 premium sbcs for february in fifa 19 and both will be out there until february 15. one is the premium howard sbc and another is the cech premium sbc featuring 91 rated arsenal goalkeeper petr cech, who has announced that he will be retiring at the end of the season. tributes to cech, who stands as one of the greatest goalkeepers of the premier league era, have flooded in since news of his impending retirement. to earn 91 rated cech premium card, you need to complete petr cech premium sbc which requires 2 squad building challenges cost 125-130k fifa 19 coins in total. and this guide will present you premium cech sbc cheapest solution. 

fifa 19 premium cech sbc - premier league

rewards: 1 prime gold players pack


premier league players: min 3

team of the week players: min 1

team overall rating: min 83

team chemistry: min 80

players in the squad: 11

fifa 19 premium cech sbc - chelsea

rewards: 1 mega pack


chelsea players: min 2

team overall rating: min 84

team chemistry: min 80

players in the squad: 11

premier league sbc - cheapest cech premium sbc fifa 19

set up 4-4-2 fut formation/lineup

rating: 82

chemistry: 81

it will cost about 60k and you’ll get an 80k pack in return. 

premier league sbc

chelsea sbc - cheapest cech premium sbc fifa 19

set up 4-2-3-1 fut formation/lineup

rating: 83

chemistry: 79

it will cost you around 60k fifa coins with no loyalty, no position changes. 

chelsea sbc

fifa 19 premium petr cech player review in ultimate team

petr cech is a czech professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for premier league club arsenal. his premium card is 91 rated with 3-star weak foot, 1-star skill moves. he has an 84 inform, i don’t think he’s too great, but in the premier league have already got the higher, and you’ve got a few of the keepers who probably is the best goalkeeper in the game. he’s 6 foot 5, and that is obviously very tall which is amazing in this game. he’s got 90 goalkeeper positioning which is very good, 92 reflexes, 89 handling, 50 speed is very low, but speed for a goalkeeper doesn’t usually matter too much. cech is a very phenomenal goalkeeper, but i think the best way to judge a goalkeeper is to use him in the game, so you can just invest him and have a try! 

fifa 19 premium petr cech player review in ultimate team

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