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FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day Investing Guide - How To Make FUT 19 Coins With ST. Patrick's Event

3/2/2019 6:05:51 PM

FIFA 19 Saint Patrick’s Day is coming! EA Sports are set to release their usual collection of FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day promotions on Friday, March 15, such as special promo packs, new squad building challenges, themed kit and ST. Patrick’s Day players cards. Then how to prepare for the FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day Event? What is the best strategy? Better to save while waiting for the perfect deal or better to spend everything immediately? Follow below upfifacoins.com FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s investing guide you ’ll find out the best way to make FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s investments with small budget.

FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day Investing Guide

FIFA 19 Saint Patrick’s Day Investing Tips In Ultimate Team 

Should you buy players now or wait a few more weeks?

1. Right now is not the best time to buy players for preparing upcoming FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day 2019. Cause after ST. Patrick's Day, it only in just a few weeks there is going to be team of the season, and TOTS panic selling is going to be huge especially right after ST. Patrick's Day or FUT birthday, there's gonna be no time to recover so that's why you need to be very careful. After the ST. Patrick's Day that's not gonna be any time, so your team is gonna go straight into team of the season panic selling. Make sure that you to actually buy your cards during team of the season, don't really buy before it. Maybe you can also buy during ST. Patrick's Day event or FUT birthday.

2. When ST. Patrick' Day is going to finish, only a few weeks there is going to be lots of panic selling, most of you should actually be all liquid, you should have all of your coins ready, but the best ultimate time would actually be team of the season and that is going to be kind of the late game as well and you don't have to wait until team of the season release day, you just need to wait until the panic selling starts just only maybe a week after the FUT birthday has finished. 

So, in my opinion, you should still wait a few more weeks to buy players. 

How to make FIFA 19 coins and what to buy for 2019 Saint Patrick’s Day?

1. Buy Irish Players: Irish players prices increased by quite a lot in quite a short space of time, I think some of them went even extinct on the market, so that's basically the investment opportunity. whether you want to pick up one or two and put them in your club or if you want to go big on this fill up your transfer file and that's completely up to you, what's great about this investment is that it's not just for people with a lot of coins at this stage if you just started out in the game, this is a good opportunity and to make coins of a smaller budget, so just to illustrate my point.

2. Gold nation players: Because these are the Republic of Ireland in the game now there's two ways of doing it obviously the goalkeeper ways which is by far the cheapest, so if you were to go here and you just want to buy some cards, I think Westwood is going for around 400 coins, you can see for 400 you compete some up from the market.

Gold nation players

This isn't way to do it and what I would suggest though is that you go on open bit and you just go and seek this to 300 coins and see what pops up and just go crazy, because now you can see you can pick up some outfield players as well or maybe 300 coins, this will work great during FIFA 19 ST. Patrick’s Day rewards. We can assume that on Thursdays when there's a lot of cards being listed on the market, you could go on and bet on a few, buy one of each or fill up your forms to file, and they're almost basically rising value as we get close to FIFA 19 Saint Patrick's Day, later you can sell it. This is just a really safe investment for FUT 19 ST. Patrick’s Day you should do.

2. Special Cards: This types of cards provide a double investment as FIFA 19 FUT Birthday 2019 approaches. Think about which type of special card is most likely and also take into account the league, nationality and rating too.

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