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Fifa 19 Flashback Bradley Sbc - Cheapest Solution To Complete 87 Michael Bradley Sbc In Ultimate Team

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC Cards 3/14/2019 11:50:29 AM

follow bellow upfifacoins.com fifa news you can know the cheapest solution to complete fifa 19 flashback bradley sbc plus the price, requirements and bradley player review!

fifa 19 flashback bradley sbc it's march 14 and carniball event has a flavor today with flashback michael bradley sbc and carniball yedlin sbc. it’s for the second flashback player sbc bradley during the carniball event which is out for celebrating the 2017 season. and this bradley flashback sbc offers 87 rated cdm michael bradley who currently captains canadian club toronto fc in major league soccer. you only need to complete 1 challenge (which is super cheap costs around 50k) for winning 87 bradley flashback card. in order to help you achieve michael bradley sbc flashback with least fifa 19 coins, this guide will present you fut 19 flashback bradley sbc cheapest solution & squad!

fifa 19 flashback bradley sbc - flashback bradley 

rewards: bradley (special) (untradeable)


mls players: min 1

team of the week players: min 1

team overall rating: min 84

team chemistry: min 70

players in the squad: 11

flashback bradley sbc - cheapest bradley sbc flashback fifa 19 

set up 4-2-3-1 fut formation/lineup

rating: 84

chemistry: 83

this flashback bradley squad building challenge costs around 50k with no loyalty, no position changes. 

flashback bradley sbc


fifa 19 flashback michael bradley player review in ultimate team 

michael bradley is an american professional soccer player who plays as a midfielder. during the carniball promotion, he’s earned the flashback card which upgraded him a lot, 87 rated with 3-star weak foot, 2-star skill moves, well-rounded stats, good shooting, decent passing. he's got 84 strength which is a very good start for this card, 88 aggression as well, so as you can see overall the physical state is very good. he’s got good head accuracy and he’s 6 foot 2, so he can win headers for you. the key stats on this card is the passing with 92 short pass, he’s gonna pinging balls or the pitch at like no one else. his ball control, reactions are great, his dribbling in general is nice, he’s got poor jumping, but that doesn’t matter too much, he actually makes really good cdm, he’s got 97 stamina, so literally you can start this card. the issue is the fact his attack positioning isn’t great, so that’s the chemistry style we need to work around. 

fifa 19 flashback michael bradley player review

he’s quite hard to link into your team unless you’ve got a lot of icons, an anchor chemistry style for bradley is going to turn him into a top cdm. with 75 sprint speed, 76 acceleration, he’s not slow, he’s literally an average player for the pace, he’s gonna be running for the entirety of the game and he’s just not gonna stop, so overall, if you are going to use bradley flashback card in your team, if you are going to bring him on as a cdm in the game, he’s not a bad player at all, and you could play him sentiment in a 4-2-3-1 fut formation. 


this flashback sbc bradley is worth it 100%, i highly recommend to go ahead and complete. if you have any demand of buying ultimate team coins to invest flashback bradley sbc cheap, upfifacoins.com here always provides budget fifa 19 coins ps4, xbox one, switch and pc with coupon code - "f19" - 5% discount!

please note that you have until sunday 17 march at 7pm to achieve this flashback bradley challenge.