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FIFA 19 Carniball Yedlin SBC - Cheapest Solution To Complete 86 DeAndre Yedlin SBC In Ultimate Team

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC Cards 3/14/2019 3:54:55 PM

Follow below upfifacoins.com FIFA 19 Carniball Yedlin SBC guide, you can know the cheapest solution to complete DeAndre Carniball Yedlin SBC plus the price, requirements and Yedlin player review!

FIFA 19 Carniabll Yedlin SBC

Since Carniball event was released, a series Carniball cards SBC have dropped on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, some of them are very worth investing such as Carniball Gomez SBC, Carniball Bonaventura SBC. So this year’s promotion Carniball brings cheer and joy in the form of FIFA 19 Carniball SBC cards. As for Carniball Event day 6 today, a new Carniball SBC Yedlin is out for you, along with the Flashback Bradley SBC.  This Carniball SBC Yedlin features a 86 rated RB DeAndre Yedlin from America plays for Premier League Club Newcastle United and the United States national team. You are required to complete 2 challenges for earning Yedlin Carniball card. Have you completed yet? Want to know how to complete DeAndre Yedlin Carniball SBC in the cheapest method? This guide will introduce the Carniball Yedlin SBC cheapest solution. 

FIFA 19 Carniball Yedlin SBC - Usmnt 

Rewards: 1 × Premium Gold Players Pack


United States Players: Min 1

Team of the Week Players: Min 1

Team Overall Rating: Min 84

Team Chemistry: Min 70

Players in the Squad: 11

FIFA 19 Carniball Yedlin SBC - 85-Rated Squad

Rewards: 1 × Mega Pack


Team of the Week Players: Min 1

Team Overall Rating: Min 85

Team Chemistry: Min 80

Players in the Squad: 11

Usmnt SBC - Cheapest Yedlin SBC Carniball FIFA 19

Set up 4-2-3-1 Fut formation/lineup

Rating: 78

Chemistry: 89

It costs around 60K and you’ll get a 25K pack in return. With no loyalty, no position change cards. 

Gil Azzurri SBC

85-Rated Squad SBC - Cheapest Yedlin SBC Carniball FIFA 19

Set up 4-4-2 Fut formation/lineup

Rating: 83

Chemistry: 88

This squad building challenge will cost about 120K Fut coins with no loyalty, no position changes. 

85-Rated Squad SBC

FIFA 19 Carniball DeAndre Yedlin Player Review In Ultimate Team

DeAndre Yedlin is an American professional soccer player who plays for Premier League as a RB. He used to be a silver card in the MLS and he used to be extremely quick. He’s high/medium which is an issue, but it doesn’t affect him way to much. He’s 5 foot 8 and has 3-star skill moves, 3-star weak foot, very nice in-game stats. He’s got great 95 jumping, 95 stamina, 84 aggression. With 96 acceleration, 96 sprint speed, he’s gonna be running like a madman for 90 minutes of the game, even go into extra time he’s still gonna be there running, that is a very important factor for this card. Moving on to defending stats, this card has extremely defending because it’s been upgraded so highly to 86 rated. He’s got 80 interceptions, 85 marking, 88 stand tackle, 85 slide tackle. Also, he’s got 91 agility, so he’s gonna feel smooth on the ball. 

FIFA 19 Carniball Yedlin Player Review

He really seems like he will be the best right back in the Premier League, he’s gonna be up there for one of the better right backs on the game. He genuinely looks incredible, he’s got great vision of 79, 78 crossing as well, so if he does get the pitch, he’s gonna be able to whip the ball in the box. This Carniball player literally has everything you need. 

If this Yedlin card was on the market, he’s definitely gonna be selling for way more than the SBC, so I think this Carniball Yedlin SBC cheap is very worth investing. Want to buy Fut coins to invest Carniball Yedlin SBC FIFA 19? Upfifacoins.com here always provides cheap FIFA 19 coins PS4, PC, Switch and XBOX ONE with Coupon Code - "F19" - 5% Discount!