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Fifa 19 Fut Swap Deals April - Sbc Rewards, Players Review, Release Time For Fut Swap April

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC Cards 4/2/2019 11:30:00 AM

follow below upfifacoins.com fifa news you can know the fifa 19 fut swap deals april tips, rewards, players review, release time how to get fut swap deals items april!

fut swap deals april

this month is insane, as fifa 19 fut birthday ended, tots is right around the corner. before then, it’s time for a new round of fut swap, featuring  6 fut swap players, 6 packs and 2 free fut swap items. as you know ea has been doing the fut swap since the game came out and it’s been new players every single month, they’re just boosted up players from their normal ratings or totw players, ones to watch or pack, so that you can choose the fut swap deals rewards you want to fit in with your own team chemistry and style of play. now we’ll be presenting you the fifa 19 april fut swap deals sbc rewards  & players review, release time.

fifa 19 fut swap deals april - april swap deals sbc rewards in ultimate team

monday, april 1

one item will be given to you for free when you start up ultimate team - rm: takaki fukumitsu 60 (cerezo osaka)

monday, april 1

complete the simple player sbc. expires 1pm et on april 3 - rm: andré sodlund 60 (odds ballklubb)

sbc rewards (players)

totw 87 nicolas pepe - rm - lille (3 fut swap items)

totw 87 timo werner - st - rb leipzig (5 items)

totw 86 andy robertson - lb - liverpool (6 items)

fut birthday 87 thomas menuier -cdm - psg (7 fut swap items)

totgs 90 antoine griezmann - st - atletico madrid (12 items)

base icon pack (14 items)

fut birthday 90 douglas costa - cam juventus (14 items)

sbc rewards (packs)

jumbo gold pack (1 fut swap item)

premium gold players pack (2 items)

rare mega pack (4 items)

jumbo rare players pack (8 items)

ultimate pack (10 items)

base icon pack (14 items)

april fut swap deals players review in ultimate team

april fut swap reward nicolas pepe

pepe is a french-born ivorian player who plays for lille as a winger. this is a super usable card which costs 3 tokens. 95 acceleration, 87 sprint speed, he’s like blistering fast, 91 attack positioning, 88 finishing, 99 agility are so brilliant. he’ll evade every single to tackle and he’ll go against, he’ll never lose balance and fall over. 83 stamina is okay, but he does lack that strength and heading accuracy, so he would probably be better suited as a winger, so that he could cross the ball swinging into someone taller and has better heading accuracy. 

nicolas pepe

april fut swap deals reward timo werner

werner is a german player who plays for rb leipzig and the germany national team as a striker. this inform card is really crazy which only costs 5 tokens. actually he goes for 140k in the market, so you can now get him for free. he’s got 4-star weak foot, 3-star skill moves, really great finishing of 94, decent physical stats, great heading and dribbling. he lacks curve, so it probably is not that good if you’re going for finesse shots, but that doesn’t really matter, because he is blistering fast and he’ll just tuck them in anyway because of his high finishing and great pace. so it’s a really good card for 5 fut swap deals.

timo werner

april fut swap deals reward andrew robertson 

robertson is a scottish player who plays for premier league club liverpool and captains the scotland national team as a left back. he’s one of the best left backs in the game. this is a 170k card that is going for basically free. 5 foot 10 with high work rates, great defending stats, very fast speed at 87 pace, decent 92 crossing, 91 short pass. 94 stamina is super important, that could go all game up and down the pitch just crossing the ball. obviously, the one downside to this card is the low jumping and heading. but he does have 82 agility, good balance, good reactions, great composure. this is a quality card that only costs 6 tokens, i’m sure you can definitely invest. 14 fut swap items for this card is definitely worth it. 

andrew robertson

april fut swap deals reward thomas meunier 

meunier is a belgian player who plays as a right back for paris saint-germain and the belgium national team. his fut birthday card is there for 7 tokens. this is a quality well-rounded card, a little low on agility and balance, but other than that really brilliant. 4-star weak foot with 97 stamina, he will be a noticeable player in the midfield and he’ll be an utter warhorse for you. what he gives you a benefit is he strong links to neymar, thiago silva, cavani, marquinhos, he’s soft links to pepe, so you could get meunier and pepe as your two items. 

thomas meunier

april fut swap deals reward  antoine griezmann

90 rated team of the group stage card for 10 fut swap items. it’s a really good card, great jumping and heading, 4-star skill moves, 84 stamina is not ideal by any stretch of imagination, but for a striker is not bad, this is usable definitely, his dribbling is very strong, his passing is decent, his shooting is great, he’s very fast with 88 pace, gliezman can always use his 89 dribbling and 88 pace to easily break through the opponent's direction, and then use his 87 shooting to put the ball into the net. you probably should put a hunter or a hawk on him to get a bigger shooting boost and a nice physical boost as well. 

antoine griezmann

april fut swap deals reward  douglas costa

costa is a brazilian player who plays for italian club juventus and the brazil national team as a winger. he is known for his dribbling skills, speed and crossing ability. 3-star weak foot is bit sad, but 5-star skill moves is very nice. he’s got great links, great nationality, great league really and really well-rounded stats. 99 acceleration is amazing, he can run very fast in the game. 85 stamina for a cam is okay, his dribbling is spectacular, this card lets him down the finishing, but he does have great shot power, great long shots. he’s very good on the ball with 97 agility, 95 ball control, amazing 96 dribbling. his physical is kind of bad cause he can’t out jump players, you can’t win headers, he’s not strong enough that he can’t push people off the ball, but he does have 85 stamina, so he could go all games.  

douglas costa

how to earn april fut swap players & items 2019 

the april fut swap items will be offered through weekly objectives, squad battle, and sbcs throughout the event. all players are existing cards that can be bought from the transfer market. 

note: the fifa 19 fut swap sbcs are all unrepeatable and the players are interchangeable. we strongly recommend using these items before each set of reward sbcs expire!


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