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FIFA 19 Best Fut Formation & Tactics - 4-2-2-2 Updated Custom Tactics & Player Instructions In Ultimate Team

4/8/2019 5:40:38 PM

FIFA 19 TOTS is around the corner. Have you prepared the right FUT formation for your TOTS squad? We all know that if you want to score more goals and reach the Ultimate level of success or win more competitions, there is one important thing you can do for helping your team to achieve, that is building best FIFA 19 squad and set up the suitable tactics for your team. Now upfifacoins.com will bring you the best Fut formation 4-2-2-2 you can use in the game to win more matches (Weekend League, Fut Champions, Fut Draft) and achieve better results, also detailing the tactics and player instructions.  

FIFA 19 Best  Fut Formation 4-2-2-2 In Ultimate Team

Many people are interested in the 4-2-2-2 formation FIFA 19 because of the Premier League eyes, this can be one of the best formations in FIFA 19 you can use this year. You've got a solid defensive line, composed of six players, four defenders, alongside two CD aims. In attack, you've got four players, so you can create deadly counter-attacks. 

Best FIFA 19 Fut Formation 4-2-2-2

Lineup 4-2-2-2 Tactics

How to implement 4-2-2-2 lineup Fut 19 into games and what's the best tactics for it?

4-2-2-2 tactics 3

Firstly, I will play it as an attacking formation as you can see as you know the pro players played as a sacking formation, and it is exactly how you have to play that formation because it is not a defensive formation, it is definitely not an ultra-defensive formation. Now firstly it has to be attacking, four attackers, two cams, two strikers, two CDMS and you're back for that, you have a huge central area that will be exposed and I will get into that in a second. There's no need to change it from drop back.

4-2-2-2 tactics 1

If you need to play fast build up if you feel as if you need to hold the ball, you can always mess around and just change it to how you would like to, you can even change it to balanced, just to mix things up and just to see how it goes for you in game. And also what I would keep it on four balls, the only thing I would keep on five balls is actually the defense of what I feel as if the formation is already wide enough and you do need to play it on four balls, because you don't have a central cam, you need your two cams to cover for that central cam, that is missing your opponent can just pass the ball around in the midfield the whole game and you won't be able to do anything about it, so you do actually need to make your worth a little bit more narrow. 

4-2-2-2 tactics 2

Now players in bulks here is where it gets interesting now, this is why people actually play this formation to cross the ball. Surprisingly you have two wide camps and two strikers now, what I would do is I get the ball to Neymar or Sandro, I get it onto that wing on that left-hand side or that left wing just run down the line have an easy cross. There are only two central players and they are defensive players, so going forward you have to play it in the wings, that's the only way to play this 4-2-2-2 formation. 

Lineup 4-2-2-2 Player Instructions

I'll pay very close attention to my two strikers stay central getting behind the grace of interceptions and stay for there aren't aggressive because obviously this is an attacking formation, Neymar is on basic defense support aggressive interceptions, stay on the edge of the box for cross, I don't want him getting inside the box because I know he cannot hit at all.

4-2-2-2 player instructions

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