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FIFA 19 UCL Moments Benzema SBC - Cheapest Solution To Complete 90 Karim Benzema SBC In Ultimate Team

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC Cards 4/10/2019 3:02:35 PM

Follow below upfifacoins.com FIFA news you can know the cheapest solution to complete FIFA 19 UCL Benzema SBC, with price & requirements, Benzema player review detailed.

FIFA 19 UCL Moments Benzema SBC

We’ve been given a Road to the Final Europa League SBC Ghoulam yesterday, but we’ve been given a UCL Moments SBC Benzema today, which is out for celebrating Karim Benzema’s amazing goal in the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League group stage. This new Champions League SBC  Benzema consists of only 1 challenge and comes in around 130K, offering the 90 rated immensely striker Karim Benzema from Real Madrid club plays for La Liga. Now check this guide to find out the FIFA 19 UCL Moments Benzema SBC cheapest solutions/squads for earning Benzema 90 UCL card.

Note: FIFA 19 UCL Moments Benzema SBC will expire at 6pm on April 13, 2019.

FIFA 19 UCL Moments Benzema SBC - Karim Benzema

Rewards: Benzema (Special ) (Untradeable)


Real Madrid Players: Min 1

Team Overall Rating: Min 85

Team Chemistry: Min 75

Players in the Squad: 11

Karim Benzema SBC Solution - Cheapest Benzema SBC UCL Moments FIFA 19 

Set up 4-3-3 Fut formation/lineup

Rating: 79

Chemistry: 100

This squad builder will cost around 130K with no loyalty, no position changes. 

Karim Benzema SBC Solution

FIFA 19 UCL Moments Karim Benzema Player Review In Ultimate Team 

Benzema is a French player who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the France national team as a striker. He has been described as an "immensely talented striker" who is "strong and powerful" and "a potent finisher from inside the box". The Champions League card he awarded is really brilliant, 90 rated with 90 dribbling, 86 physicality, 86 passing, his shooting isn’t amazing, but it’s good and could be obviously upgraded with a chemistry style. He’s got really good agility, 82 stamina is good enough for medium/low work rates, with the decent strength of 91, he’s able to hold on to the ball and he’s able to be go physically. He’s got really good heading accuracy as well and decent jumping. But consistently 6 foot 1, he’s fairly competitive in the air. 

FIFA 19 UCL Moments Karim Benzema Player Review

Anyway, he does have some good attributes, 4-star skill moves, his long shots are very good, 94 ball control is amazing, 84 sprint speed is fast enough, he’s going to create not only goals but opportunities for you. Combined with all the stats, he can be the core player to use, so the FIFA 19 UCL Moments Benzema SBC is really good value for coins. 

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Please note that there are only 3 days remaining to submit the squad in Ultimate Team.