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Fifa 19 Potm Kruse Sbc - Cheapest Solution To Complete 87 Bundesliga Player Of The Month Max Kruse Sbc

4/20/2019 2:34:31 PM

follow below upfifacoins.com fifa news you can know the cheapest solution to complete fifa 19 potm kruse sbc plus discuss the price, requirements and bundesliga potm kruse player review.

fifa 19 potm kruse sbc

after the release of fifa 19, potm sbcs & squad building challenges have provided so popular for people to do. now again, ea has released the brand new player of the month sbc kruse, featuring the werder bremen’s germany 87 rated striker max kruse from bundesliga, who scored 4 goals, 2 assists (one was against fc schalke 24 with 4:2, another one was against leverkusen with 3:1), and won 1 motm in march. as usual, this bundesliga potm card can only be redeemed via squad building challenges, that you are required to achieve 2 segments werder bremen sbc cheap, bundesliga sbc cheap. this guide will bring the fifa 19 potm kruse sbc cheapest solution/squads, helping you earn march bundesliga potm kruse 87 card with least budget.

fifa 19 potm kruse sbc - werder bremen

rewards: 1 × rare electrum players pack


werder bremen players: min 1

clubs: min 4

team overall rating: min 83

team chemistry: min 85

players in the squad: 11

fifa 19 potm kruse sbc - bundesliga 

rewards: bundesliga kit (untradeable), 1 × premium gold players pack


bundesliga players: min 2

players from one club: max 4

team overall rating: min 83

team chemistry: min 80

players in the squad: 11

here is our cheapest solution for 87 bundesliga potm sbc fifa 19 ultimate team.

werder bremen sbc - cheapest kruse sbc potm fifa 19 

set up 4-3-3 fut formation/lineup

rating: 83

chemistry: 89

this squad builder will cost around 22k and you’ll receive a 30k pack in return. with no loyalty, no position changes.

werder bremen sbc


bundesliga sbc - cheapest kruse sbc potm fifa 19 

set up 4-1-2-1-2 fut formation/lineup

rating: 83

chemistry: 84

this squad will cost around 20k and you’ll get a 25k pack in return. with no loyalty, no position changes. 

bundesliga sbc

so the cheapest fifa 19 potm kruse solution will cost under 50k and you’ll receive 55k packs in return.

fifa 19 bundesliga potm kruse sbc - 87 player of the month max kruse player review

max kruse is a german player who plays for sv werder bremen in the bundesliga as a forward. he’s already got a totw card of 84 overall in addition to his normal 82-card, so this potm card he awarded is his second special card in fut, which is by far the most strongest. he received a significant upgrade from this card, 87 overall with 4-star skill moves, 4-star weak foot, 89 dribbling, decent 90 shooting. 5 foot 11 with high/medium work rates is good enough for a striker. his passing is absolutely insane, his vision is impeccable, 86 crossing is brilliant, 96 penalties is really amazing, bought finishing as well, which make him a great passer in the game. he’s not very quick with 76 pace, 73 sprint speed, but there’s some fantastic dribbling on this card, the balance goes to 92, ball control goes to 98, reactions goes to 92, he’s very good on the ball. 

87 player of the month max kruse player review

he’s a really reliable player, if you use him in the game, i think you just get a better performance. unlike previous player of the month, kruse is comparatively favorable. those who already own a werder player are in advantage - almost every bremen card has already gone up. for such a desirable potm card which only costs under 50k, it’s definitely worth 100%. 


team of the season is right around the corner, and you need to keep as many of fifa coins as possible, but in my opinion, 40k coins for a player of the month card like this is an absolute bargain, especially you can receive some great fut packs in return, so just go ahead and complete the bundesliga potm kruse sbc! there is a best way for you to win free fifa 19 coins - play fifa 19 packs simulator on upfifacoins.com.

note: fifa 19 bundesliga player of the month kruse sbc will expire at on 7:00 am on friday, may 3rd.