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Best Fifa 19 Tots Investment/Trading Guide - How To Make Fut 19 Coins With Tots Market Crash

4/22/2019 4:07:06 PM

ea has just released the team of the knockout stage, which means that fifa 19 tots coming soon in may! fifa 19 potm april also coming! which players did you invest and who did you sell? how to prepare before the event? here upfifacoins.com brings you the fifa 19 tots investment guide for how to make fut 19 coins in tots market crash.

fifa 19 tots investment

fifa 19 team of the season is a big event for fifa ultimate team, the players from across europe and other parts of the world who have great performance over the course of a football season especially the top 5 leagues, will receive tots card with high ratings. so this is the best time to invest/sell your players for earning fifa coins profits fast and easy in fut market, you can save your money or fut packs for fifa 19 tots. (view fifa 19 tots predictions and team of the season guide).

fifa 19 team of the week - tots market crash fifa 19 ultimate team 

fifa 19 team of the knockout stage was out last week, poty cards has not revealed until now, so basically there is not going to be any other promotions until the fifa 19 team of the season, which is going to be coming down late in april or early in may. the release of the fifa 19 tots cards will be responsible for one of the biggest market crashes. it’s made in a time when many gamers already have their solid teams and are looking for a way to improve them without spending lots of coins on team of the season cards. 

fifa 19 tots investment/trading tips - how to make fut 19 coins in tots market crash

when the market absolutely stays, it’s going to crash because everyone is going to be having tons of coins to buy the new tots cards that are gonna be coming out. and you can get a lot of free tots cards via tots sbcs. the market crash will be a week before the fifa 19 tots release, and when the market starts to crash, it can cause big panic selling, lots of gold players and informs start to rise. 

here are the best tots investment/trading methods for you to make some fifa coins and get ready for tots event market crash: 

1. play the progressive tournaments, squad building challenges (sbc) and fut champions weekend league for win rewards.

2. don’t purchase packs before fut 19 team of the season launches. 

3. save your fut packs for the day of the most consistent tots release and sell any packed in-forms instantly.

4. start selling your players a month before tots is released and playing with a cheaper squad, then purchasing back your players for cheaper. sell your team after fut champions weekend league, you can get good coin value for your team, you might lose some coins if you have your players for a while, but you are going to be able to reinvest those coins and make those coins back and then have coins for team of the season and be able to invest in tots.

5. buy inform cards and gold players. you should always be invested informs, this is like the money method, if you buy informs, they're gonna go up, pau lopez and even hugo mallo are also good to invest because of scarcity and they automatically rise in price due to limited supply and also sbcs. if you buy your informs now, when each tots sbcs and flashback sbcs come out, they will rise in price and we better sell them and make good profits. 


any investment decision is risky and there is no absolute profit option. keep your eyes on the fifa 19 market trend, more fifa 19 tots investment tips and offers will be updated here. stay tuned!