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Fifa 19 Potm Vela Sbc - Cheapest Solution To Complete 90 Player Of The Month Carlos Vela Sbc

5/8/2019 5:56:25 PM

congratulations to carlos vela of winning the major league soccer player of the month for the second time in a row with 5 goals and 2 assists in april 2019!

with tots starting this week and along with the potm vardy sbc, another 90 rated rw player of the month, the second potm carlos vela sbc has been released, featuring vela 90 rated potm card and 2 packs. have you achieved yet? want to complete player of the month vela sbc in cheapest way to try out this new potm vela card? follow below upfifacoins.com fifa news you’ll find out the fifa 19 potm vela sbc cheapest solution plus the price, requirements and vela player review.

fifa 19 potm vela sbc

the vela potm sbc needs you to submit 2 squad building challenges sbc and major league soccer sbc which cost under 100k fifa 19 coins and you can receive 2 packs worth of 40k in return.

note: fifa 19 potm vela sbc is available from may 7 to may 21 which will be out there for 13 days.

fifa 19 potm vela sbc - los angeles fc 

rewards: 1 jumbo premium gold pack


lafc players: min 1

clubs: min 3

team of the week players: min 1 

team overall rating: min 83

team chemistry: min 80 

players in the squad: 11

fifa 19 potm vela sbc - major league soccer

rewards: 1 premium gold players pack


mls players: min 1 

players from same league: max 4

team of the week players: min 1

team overall rating: min 83

team chemistry: min 80

players in the squad: 11

los angeles fc sbc - cheapest potm vela sbc fifa 19 

set up 4-3-3 fut formation/lineup

rating: 83

chemistry: 84

estimated price on ps4: 39k (player prices according to may 8)

los angeles fc sbc

major league soccer sbc - cheapest potm vela sbc fifa 19

set up 4-4-2 fut formation/lineup

rating: 86

chemistry: 78

estimated price on ps4: 42k (player prices according to may 8)

major league soccer sbc

fifa 19 player of the month carlos vela player review in ultimate team

carlos vela is a mexican professional footballer who plays as a forward for los angeles fc and the mexico national team. he has already won the mls player of the month award last month, so this is his second potm card boosted 9 ratings based on his regular item. how to review fifa 19 mls potm vela and does the sbc worth it?

fifa 19 potm carlos vela player review

the in-game stats and attributes details of potm vela sbc fifa 19. this is an excellent card, 90 rated with 4-star skill moves, he’s only got 2-star weak foot is a bit of letdown, his ball control goes to 97, his reactions and agility both go up to 91 which is furnitures feel very smooth and agile on the ball, his passing is fantastic as well as his vision, long passing. the main standard stats are his finishing, 92 crossing, dribbling and 92 curve. his pace is actually decent, very fast in the game and he’s quite rapid across the ground and in the attacks, also he’s a very good passer of the ball with 94 short passing. the only issue of this card in general is 79 stamina and weak foot, but if you use him as a cam in the game, i would recommend because of the weak foot not too much of an issue and especially with high/low work rates. he still a very usable card and i think it still fit into a really good mls team or a good super sub. 


overall, this is really a quality card with brilliant attributes. the cheapest solution to complete fifa 19 potm vela sbc only costs around 80-100k fifa 19 coins, it’s definitely worth investing.