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Fifa 19 Tots Moments Mbabu Sbc - Cheapest Solution To Complete 86 Team Of The Season Kevin Mbabu Sbc

5/16/2019 3:33:02 PM

it’s day 5 of fifa 19 team of the season, and ea has released the second tots moments sbc mbabu for celebrating mbabu’s two assists in one game against fc st. gallen. this tots squad building challenge features the 86 rated right back from raiffeisen super league plays for bsc young boys club. in order to help you earn mbabu tots moments card with the least fut 19 coins, upfifacoins.com here will bring the cheapest solution to complete fifa 19 tots moments mbabu sbc with price, requirements and kevin mbabu player review detailed!

fifa 19 tots moments mbabu sbc

note: fifa 19 team of the season mbabu will be available from may 15 to may 18 which can be out there for 3 days. 

fifa 19 tots moments mbabu sbc - kevin mbabu 

rewards: mbabu (special) (untradeable)


switzerland players: min 1

team of the week players: min 1

team overall rating: min 83

team chemistry: min 80

players in the squad: 11

kevin mbabu solution - cheapest mbabu sbc tots moments fifa 19 

set up 4-5-1 fut formation/lineup

rating: 86

chemistry: 84

price: 40k-ps4, 43k-xbox one, 43.7k-pc

kevin mbabu solution


fifa 19 tots moments 86 kevin mbabu player review in ultimate team 

kevin mbabu is a swiss footballer who plays for young boys and the switzerland national team. along with the tots event, he has awarded the team of the season reward 86 rated inform card due to his excellent performance in the game, boosted 10 ratings based on his basic card. then how to review fifa 19 tots moments 86 kevin mbabu and does the sbc worth it?

tots moments 86 kevin mbabu player review

the in-game stats and attribute details of team of the season mbabu fifa 19. this card looks phenomenal with his 95 pace, 91 physical, 88 defending, medium attack and high defensive, his passing is very impressive, 3-star skill moves and 3-star weak foot are not the greatest. his main stand is his 94 crossing, 99 stamina, 91 stand tackle and 92 short passing. this card is well worth linking with icons, and it did have the backbone chemistry applied to this team of the season sbc. his fiscal should be his pace including the 93 acceleration and 96 sprint speed, he’s got 99 stamina as well which is also really good. he tackles very well with 91 standing tackle and 90 sliding tackle, which can stop off a lot of attackers, he’s a very good strong reliable defender. he’s got brilliant short passing, 89 agility and decent jumping, he can score goals inside the air. he’s good enough, the only he does lack is the shooting, but that’s not a big issue. he’s extremely quick which is what you need from a right back. anyway his is a quality card and it doesn’t event cost that much.


the tots moments mbabu sbc cheapest solution comes in 40k fut coins, which means you can get this card with only 40k. though a few people use him in the game, this card is really worth investing with such great stats and cheap price.