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Fifa 19 Fut Swap Deals June - Swap Items, Calendar, Sbc Rewards, Players Review For Fut Swap Deals 9 (Ix)

6/7/2019 5:08:25 PM

the long-awaited fifa 19 fut swap deals june is finally here!

we’re a few weeks into what has been an underwhelming team of the season. as it’s the beginning of a new month, it’s time for a new round of fut swap. this month’s fut swap deals are later than ever with 5 new fut swap players and sbc packs/rewards featured. then how to get the june swap deals players and packs and how to choose a better option? in this guide, upfifacoins.com will present the fifa 19 fut swap deals june items, calendar, sbc rewards packs/players, and players review for fut swap deals 9 (ix). 

fifa 19 fut swap deals june

fifa 19 fut swap deals june - fut swap items & release schedule 

june 6, 2019

60 cdm jean-clair todibo - fc barcelona

squad building challenge

60 rm kenny rocha santos - as saint-étienne

free token

fifa 19 fut swap deals june - fut swap deals 9 sbc rewards

fut swap players june 

this time, you are able to get some tots players as well as usual. 

87 totw marquinhos - cb - psg (3 items)

92 totw luka modric - cm - real madrid (6 items)

89 fut birthday david alaba - rm - bayern munich (8 items)

90 headliner alex sandro - lb - juventus (12 items)

90 fut birthday leroy sane - cam - manchester city (14 items)

fut swap deals sbc packs & rewards for june 

jumbo gold pack (untradeable, 1 fut swap item)

electrum players pack (2 items)

rare mega pack (4 items)

mid icon pack (14 items)

liga nos tots guarantee (5 items)

bundesliga tots guarantee (10 items)

how to get 2019 fifa 19 june fut swap players, sbc rewards packs 

fut swap deals is a monthly event which last throughout the month and gets reset when we enter a new month. you can earn june swap deals player items in a few ways such as weekly objective, squad battle, and sbcs with different requirements during the whole month of june. the more players you collect/earn, the better your rewards will get. you cannot carry swap players over to the next months. so we strongly recommend using these items before each set of reward sbcs expire!

fifa 19 fut swap deals june players review

june fut swap deals reward marquinhos

this card will cost you 3 fut swap items. it’s not that bad of a card, if you want to put this in a team, it’s usable. marquinhos, a brazilian professional footballer who plays for paris saint-germain and the brazil national team as a defensive midfielder, he can also play as a right-back. 75 acceleration is okay, agility and balance over 70, composure over 80, short passing, interceptions are all pretty high. and his physical stats are brilliant, he’s got excellent jumping of 90, great aggression of 84. this is a very good card as number four exchange for fut swap items earned during june for a rare mega pack which is worth of 55k.


june fut swap deals reward luka modric

the real madrid luka modric could be a really good value option in terms of in games. 6 fut swap items earned during june for team of the week. the world cup golden globe winner is enough to show that he is the world's first midfielder. his passing and dribbling can make him more capable in combing the offense upstream. 85 stamina for a cam is okay, 99 acceleration is amazing, he can run very fast in the game. in addition, he also has a perfect long shots shooting, so that the defensive players are very afraid. 

june fut swap deals reward luka modric

june fut swap deals reward alaba

the austrian national team alaba represents an all-round and balanced strength, not falling behind in defence, but also a valuable weapon for the team when attacking. he often uses 90 pace to throw away opponents on the sidelines and 89 passing and 89 dribbling to create opportunities for his teammates. this card will cost 8 tokens, and price at 200k coins on the market, so it’s not bad value at 8 tokens, it’s a very versatile card where you could start him in right mid position and you could then move it around. 

june fut swap deals reward alaba

june fut swap deals reward alex sandro

this is a very interesting card, priced at 400k on the market, he’s gonna get a team of the season card. great jumping, sprint speed, accelerations 89 pace and 87 dribbling allowed him to throw his opponent behind when he was in front of the attack. he also has strong defending of 88 and physical of 89 that a full-back should have, and even top wingers can hardly take advantage of him. if you are looking for a fullback for your team, this card could be a really good option which costs 12 items. i highly recommend you picking this card up. 

june fut swap deals reward alex sandro

june fut swap deals reward leroy sane 

90 leroy sane, fut birthday card, plays for premier league club manchester city and the german national team a winger and as an attacking midfielder. this a brilliant card, which is super usable, with 4-star skill moves, 99 pace, 88 shooting, 91 dribbling, 88 stamina is also ideal, 3-star weak foot is the only problem, finishing is good, sprint speed is good. he’s got great links, great nationality, great league, really well-rounded stats. this card will need 14 tokens and priced at 450k on the market, but i don’t think it’s worth 14 tokens.  

june fut swap deals reward leroy sane


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