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Fifa 19 Futties Predictions - 2019 Futties Release Date, Offers, Cards/Players, Everything You Need To Know About Futties Event

6/11/2019 4:30:38 PM

the last event in fifa 19 is coming which called the “futties”! it’s most people’s favorite promotion that fifa releases every single year. as usual, there will be various special offers during fifa 19 futties promotion for fans, and some of the special player items released throughout the year will become available in packs again for a limited time, and can be earned in sbcs or special weekly objectives! then who do you think will win fut 19 futties card and what will happen during futties event? below fifa 19 futties predictions guide will cover all the 2019 futties event tips - release date, cards/players, offers and more!

fifa 19 futties predictionsmore read: fifa 19 mls potm wondolowski sbc

fifa 19 futties guide - what is futties in fifa 19 ultimate team 

the futties fifa 19 is one of the biggest ultimate team promotions throughout the year and is also one of the last before we head towards to the new fifa in september fifa 20, meanwhile, it’s the last chance the community has to improve their squads with new players cards. this fut event celebrates the best of everything in fut 19 for a limited time by bringing back some of your favorite player items and sbcs from throughout the year, as well as brand-new content to help upgrade your fut squad. more details please head over to fifa 19 wiki.

fifa 19 futties release date - when will the futties event start

the official information has not been updated, based on the experience of the previous years, the new nominees should be announced every wednesday and sunday. we predict the futties event in fifa 19 will start from wednesday, july 3 to wednesday, august 21, a 6-week celebration. so basically when team of the season is over, the futties promotion will begin and will run all the way to the end of fifa 19.

here are the previous years’ futties event release dates:

fifa 18 futties release date

nominees: 18 july - 21 august 2018

votes: 18 july - 24 august 2018

winners: 22 july - 24 august 2018

fifa 17 futties release date

nominees: 7 july - 8 august 2017

votes: 7 july - 11 august 2017

winners: 11 july - 11 august 2017

fifa 16 futties release date

nominees: 22 july, 2016

votes: 22 july - 27 july 2016

winners: 29 july - 5 august 2016

fifa 19 futties release calendar

nominees: 26 june, 2015

votes: 1 july - 8 july 2015

winners: 15 july - 22 july 2015

fifa 19 futties offers - what can you earn with futties event 2019

we’ll have lots of contents in this short period of time which could create some panic on the market. here are what you will earn during the fifa 19 futties promo:

1. promo packs

2. futties cards

3. squad building challenges

4. campaign content

5. reward packs

6. end of era sbc items

7. weekly objectives

8. more

what can we expect for 2019 futties promo

fifa 19 futties could be one of the best promotions in ultimate team. so we can expect to have a big squad of players with this year’s promo, and we can expect a total of 40 players will be selected as the fifa 19 futties players. maybe price has been popular in previous fifa’s, maybe entirely different possibly players who have been in a lot of previous fifa’s. we’ll also see each player with the most amount of votes in a category will be awarded a special pink-colored item with boosted stats in fifa 19. we can have many chances to win the cards through squad building challenges during the event. 

fifa 19 futties players & cards predictions

there will be many best pink cards for fifa 19 ultimate team. some players that haven’t received any special cards throughout the year, they’ve got no totw cards, the weird part of halloween events, the wind part of any futmas event, they played very well throughout the season, but they’ve just got no special cards at all, these are the sorts of players that fifa will give these 40 cards to. 

here is the predicted futties nominees list: 

favorite cm: kondogbia/valencia cf, fred/manchester united, goretzka/fc bayern munich

favorite lb: gaya/valencia cf, roussillon/vfl wolfsburg, mendy/manchester city

favorite lm: bailey/bayer 04 leverkusen, coman/fc bayern munich, son/tottenham hotspur

favorite st: cuadrado/juventus, rodrigo/valencia cf, werner/rb leipzig

favorite cb: tah/bayer 04 leverkusen, kimpembe/paris saint-germain, sanchez/tottenham hotspur

favorite rb: aurier/tottenham hotspur, florenzi/roma, cancelo/juventus

favorite rm: cuadrado/juventus, dembele/fc barcelona, willian/chelsea

favorite gk: donnarumma/milan, fahrmann/fc schalke 04, szczesny/juventus

how do the futties cards work in fifa 19 

1. fifa 19 futties cards can’t be bought with fifa 19 coins from the market nor opened from the packs, they are only obtainable through squad building challenges.

2. the ratings and attributes of futties cards are usually boosted 1 to 3 points from the best card among his regular, totw version or special version (except tots, toty, sbc).

3. fifa 19 futties cards ratings remain unchanged after being implemented into the game. 


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