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Fifa 20 Demo Guide - Fut 20 Demo Release Date, Teams, New Gameplay, Download, Volta Mode & More

6/13/2019 5:36:48 PM

the new season fifa 20 is on its way, the demo is the first many will get to try out the new game. a demo is created each year in fifa ultimate team in order to provide users with a clearer understanding as to what the full version of the game will actually be like. then what can we expect for fifa 20 demo? here upfifacoins.com will bring a fifa 20 demo guide, covering the fifa 20 demo release date, teams, stadiums download, volta mode & new gameplay and more details for fifa ultimate team!

fifa 20 demo guide

fifa 20 demo release date - when is the fifa 20 demo out 

fifa 20 demo is expected to be released two weeks before the game’s full release, so this should be on september 12, 2019 on ps4, xbox one and pc.

fifa 20 demo teams 

expect similar teams on the demo to last year where we had manchester city, manchester united, tottenham, real madrid, atletico madrid, juventus, roma, bayern munich, borussia dortmund and psg to choose from. with barcelona, arsenal, liverpool, ac milan & inter milan all having licensing agreements with konami’s pro evolution soccer, they seem missing!

fifa 20 demo game mode - volta mode

with the announcement of the new season fifa 20, ea will add a new game mode volta, which can bring football back to the most street culture and bring creativity and skills to play on smaller venues with a selection of some of the biggest clubs in the world.

- volta kick-off: take off your favorite professional teams back to the streets and compete in a number of volta locations and match formats. 

- volta world: build up your volta team by playing through single player matches against community generated squads in a variety of formats and locations. after each victory, recruit a player from the opposing team and build your squad up in terms of both skill and chemistry.

- volta story: take your unique player through a narrative driven experience, where you face off against various legends of street football from around the world. earn rewards, customise your player, and recruit for your squad, culminating in the volta world championship tournament in buenos aires.

- volta league: play your way through promotion and relegation with the online volta league. the new player versus player formats places your team against others online, where wins lead to promotion into a higher division.

fifa 20 gameplay & new features

in the new demo you can also try the new gameplay features of the game including ai defense, 1-to-1 goalkeeper shooting, precise shooting system, volley passing/volley, continuous fancy techniques, set-piece coordination, goalkeeper control, pass and player switching. 

- automated player action: ai players will move more naturally, so that all players on the court are more realistic.

- another major improvement is the tackle, which encourages players to boldly tackle manually in the game to ensure that the defensive players will bring advantages to the team in the process of tackling, such as shoveling the ball to teammates in order to gain ball rights. 

- dynamic one-to-one competition: using the rhythm of world-class teams to create a comprehensive renovation of the game process to provide more real space and rhythm, so that one-to-one scrambling more opportunities, more emphasis on the decision-making moment of player control.

- ai defense: the ai defense system has been greatly changed, a comprehensive renovation of the running and blocking system, creating a real game environment, so that ai players can better play with players controlled by players. ai will provide intelligent defensive support, rewarding players for defensive operations.

fifa 20 demo stadiums

the demo content for fifa 20 includes 10 of the biggest clubs in europe and contains two different stadiums:

wanda metropolitano

santiago bernabeu

these are the predicted clubs that are playable:

manchester city

manchester united


bayern münchen

borussia dortmund



real madrid

atlético madrid


how to download fifa 20 demo early on xbox one/ps4

- go into settings and then system and click on “language & collection”.

- you have to create an account a day before the demo and change your location to new zealand.

how to download fifa 20 demo early

this basically means you can get the demo 13 hours earlier than the initial release date. 


more fifa 20 demo news and details will be updated here as soon as we get confirmed information from ea. stay tuned!