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FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals July - Swap Items, Calendar, SBC Rewards, Players Review For Fut Swap Deals 10 (X)

7/5/2019 2:53:05 PM

The underwhelming Team of the Season is over, FUTTIES event is full swing, and also the brand new FUT Swap Deals for July have been released which is the last round of FUT Swaps in FIFA 19. Some really nice cards have been released and this might be the best type of content released this year with lots of cards including FUTTIES 91 rated Promes that can be completed for only 4 FUT Swap tokens which are very good value. Here upfifacoins.com will present all the details of FIFA 19 FUTTIES FUT Swap Deals July covering items, calendar, SBC rewards packs/players, and players review for Fut Swap Deals 10 (X).

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals July

FIFA 19 Fut Swap Deals July - Fut Swap Items & Release Schedule

July 4, 2019

60 RB Aaron Calver - Stdney FC

Squad Building Challenge

Free Token

FIFA 19 Fut Swap Deals July - Fut Swap Deals SBC Rewards

Fut Swap Players July 

Here are the players you are able to unlock from July FUT Swap in FIFA 19:

CM: 90 FUTTIES Daniel Wass - Valencia (3 Items)

LM: 91 FUTTIES Quincey Promes - Ajax (4 Items)

CB: 93 FUTTIES Jerome Boateng - Bayern Munich (7 Items)

RB: 90 FUTTIES Thomas Meunier - PSG (3 Items)

CB: 94 FUTTIES Davinson Sanchez - Tottenham Hotspur (12 Items)

ST: FUTTIES Marcus Rashford - Manchester United (14 Items)

July Fut Swap Deals SBC Packs & Rewards 

Jumbo Gold Pack (Untradeable, 1 Fut Swap item)

Rare Mega Pack (3 items)

Ultimate Pack (5 items)

Mid Icon Pack (10 items)

How To Get FIFA 19 July Fut Swap Players, SBC Rewards Packs

Fut Swap Deals is a monthly event which last throughout the month and gets reset when we enter a new month. You can earn July Swap Deals player items in a few ways such as squad battle, weekly objectives, and squad building challenges with different requirements during the whole month of July. The more players you collect/earn, the better your rewards will get. Players obtained during each month will NOT carry over to the next month. So we strongly recommend using these items before each set of reward SBCs expire.

FIFA 19 Fut Swap Deals July Players Review

July Fut Swap Deals Reward Daniel Wass

This player can link to La Liga team obviously icons or a player a weak link to Christian Eriksen. He’s 5 foot 11, high/medium work rates is not the worst, 3-star weak foot, 4-star skill moves are great. He’s actually really amazing with all over 80 statistics, 83 pace, 86 shooting, 93 passing, 89 dribbling, 82 defending and 81 physical. He’s got decent agility, the only stat is gonna be the balance which is a little bit low. Aside from that, long shots are fantastic. Another thing about this card is that La Liga midfielders really lack in this game, so if your player does run a lot league, this card could be very useful for you. And it only costs 3 Fut Swaps, which can be a very good value card.


July Fut Swap Deals Reward Quincey Promes

Quincey Promes is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a winger or a striker for Eredivisie club Ajax and the Netherlands national team. With 4-star weak foot, 5-star skill moves, high/low work rates is fantastic, that’s literally perfect for an attacker in the game. 97 pace, 92 shooting, 93 dribbling, 89 passing, 80 physical. He isn’t good at positioning, but he’s got 95 finishing with 92 long shots which means he’s gonna finish outside of the box. 97 agility can make him feel fantastic on the ball. He’s also a rapid player with 95 acceleration and 98 sprint speed. This is probably your best option for 4 items.

July Fut Swap Deals Reward Quincey Promes

July Fut Swap Deals Reward Marcus Rashford

Rashford is an English professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the English national team as a forward. If you want a free card, this 91-rated FUTTIES Rashford really looks nice. He’s got 99 pace, 93 shooting, 93 dribbling with high agility High/medium work rates, 4-star weak foot, great 5-star skill moves. He’s really fast with 96 acceleration with 99 sprint speed which can help him get rid of his opponents. He has one of the best packages on FUT and he does have that another headliner card. Rashford is a fantastic striker and he’s totally an endgame striker, he’s gonna be one of the best records in the game. 

JULY FUT SWAP Marcus Rashford

July Fut Swap Deals Reward Jerome Boateng

Jérôme Agyenim Boateng is a German professional footballer who plays for Bayern Munich and the Germany national team as a defender. He’s got 4-star weak foot which is very good as a centre-back, medium/medium as long as the work rates for a center back are consistent. He’s got great great 83 passing, 80 pace, 91 defending shows his tough tackle and defensive wisdom, while the 91 physical can push back and try to challenge his opponent. 75 acceleration is not the best, it’s more important than sprint speed. 99 composure is fantastic for a center back with 99 strength as well. This is a very good card cost 7 items.

JULY FUT SWAP Jerome Boateng

July Fut Swap Deals Reward Thomas Meunier

Thomas Meunier is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a right back for Paris Saint-Germain and the Belgium national team. This player is very good on the ball with 94 ball control, so a good option at 9 tokens. 4-star weal foot and 3-star skill moves are not bad, high/high work rates is fantastic which means he’s gonna be able to go up and come back. Very fast with 81 acceleration, 89 sprint speed. His defensive stats are fantastic with amazing 94 stand tack and 92 slide tackle. He’s also got 99 stamina with 94 strength. This is a super sub card, I highly recommend you invest it.

JULY FUT SWAP Thomas Meunier

July Fut Swap Deals Reward Davinson Sanchez

Sanche is a Colombian professional footballer who plays for English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and for the Colombian national team as a centre back. This 94-rated player is good enough to be into your end game team. Medium/high is the best work rates for a centre-back, 6 foot 2 height is great. He’s got 87 pace, 94 defending, 94 physical with 84 dribbling. He has good reactions of 99 and composure of 91. 82 acceleration is a little bit low, but with 90 sprint speed it’s still good. This card will cost 12 tokens, If you have a Premier League team, you could do that. 

JULY FUT SWAPDavinson Sanchez


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