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Unbeatable FIFA 19 Squad Builder - 800K Hybrid Squad Builder With Best Fut Formation 4-5-1

8/14/2019 4:41:05 PM

There are plenty of squads in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, different players and teams have different playing customs and styles. FIFA 19 squads can have a huge impact on the outcome of a match. Cause if you want to score more goals or win more competitions, choosing best FIFA 19 formations and build a perfect FUT 19 squad is very essential such as hybrid squad. So today upfifacoins.com will be building an unbeatable Hybrid FIFA 19 team that comes in at around 800K Fut coins.

800K Hybrid Squad Builder

This team is super sub and very useful which is made up by FUT 19 formation/lineup 4-5-1, it can even be used in FUT Division rivals and FUT Champions, you can also use it in FIFA 20. This unbeatable FIFA 19 squad builder hybrid also features some top high rated players such as Fernando Torres, Pablo Sarabia, Felipe, etc. 

Once we've put all the players in the team, it works very nicely. then I’ll introduce you these players skills and how much do they cost. 

FIFA 19 Hybrid Squad Builder 800K - Players Skills & Analysis In Ultimate Team 

Vlachodimos: A really decent goalkeeper, 87 diving, 88 reflexes and he’s only about 25K on the market, so quite cheap, played really well, doesn’t make any mistakes.

Fernando Torres: He already had a flashback card, but this card is better which is only about 60K, super cheap. It’s 100% worth it even if you don’s use him as a starter. He does have 94 pace, 95 shooting, 95 dribbling, 89 physical, medium/medium work rates. Passing is decent with 92 short pass and 93 curve, he’s really good on the ball.  

Eder Militao: One of the most expensive players of the team. But this player is a complete beast. About 200K on the market which I think is a decent value. 89 on pace, so he’s rapid for a center back. 87 defending, 90 physical, incredible in-game stats. 91 acceleration, 90 agility feels very quick. When turning defensively, a complete rock, really aggressive, and he’s really good on the ball as a centre-back. This player has everything for 200K. He’s definitely worth it.

Alex Telles: A really solid player with 85 pace, 80 defending, every stat of 70, defensively good on the ball for a fullback. 92 stamina, so he doesn’t get tired. He also has a Champion League card that you can upgrade. 85K

Felipe: The Team of the Season Felipe about 50K, a complete beast, no the quickest, but he’s 6 foot 2, 96 jumping can win you many headers, 92 marking, 92 stand tackle, really good positioning, 92 strength, 98 aggression, can’t bully anyone off of the ball, played really well.  

Lala: He is probably the best right back, only about 35K, so quite cheap. He does have a lot of special cards you can upgrade to. I think the 84 overall is still quite decent, 86 pace, 87 sprint speed, 89 crossing, 87 aggression is really great. 

Alan: This guy is incredible, one of the best midfielders in this area, he plays really well in game. Medium/high work rates, 4-star skills, he feels kind of like hunter, really agile. 85 agility, 83 acceleration, 78 pace, 90 stamina, so he doesn’t get tired. 89 interceptions, 88 marking, everything really good on the ball as well. Even though he’s only 85 rated, you can honestly compete against anyone. 

Mbappe: This guy has a broken card, 96 pace and 90 dribbling, 4-star weak foot. 5-star skill moves, high/medium work rates. He’s a really fun player to use, has really good finishing and isn’t the weakest player either, with 71 strength, 76 jumping, this guy is a complete bargain you wanna see. 

Promes: He doesn’t have 5-star skills, 91 pace, 85 dribbling, 88 finishing, no the best composure, but the finishing being so high, he does finishing most chances really quick on the ball. 

Pablo Sarabia: This is a decent card about 140K, but definitely not better than those players. He does have really nice pace of 88, 92 shooting, 93 dribbling, 4-star skill moves, 4-star weak foot, 89 stamina is good enough, it’s not the best, but it can definitely last you all game. The only issue of this card is the 78 composure, but as a center, you really don’t need that much composure. So overall, he’s a really decent player, really good on the ball. You can just go ahead and try him. 

Fabian: This guy is definitely one of the best midfielders in the game, really well-rounded, every step of 86, 4-star weak foot, 4-star skill moves, he has decent pace, really good shooting, passing and dribbling. Although the balance is 75, so that is kind of on the low side. At defensively, he does have 90 interceptions, 91 stand tackle, he’s very good at tackling. This card comes about 200K which is really worth buying. 

What do you think of this 800K hybrid FIFA19 squad? Is that worth building?