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FIFA 20 Biggest Confirmed Downgrades - Potential Player Ratings Refresh & Who Will Get A Downgrade In FUT 20

9/5/2019 11:27:58 AM

With the end of the season FIFA 19 rapidly approaching, the release date of FIFA 20 is getting closer. In every new season there will be some serious player rating changes, now the overall ratings of some of its biggest players is a hot topic in FIFA 20 Reddit, Youtube or Twitter, most people want to know which players' rating will be refreshed. Here Upfifacoins.com brings the FIFA 20 biggest confirmed downgrades, featuring the players who deserve downgrades in FUT 20 Ultimate Team. Premier League Downgrades, La Liga Downgrades, Ligue 1 Downgrades and more!

FIFA 20 Biggest Confirmed Downgrades

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FIFA 20 Downgrades - Who Will Be Downgraded In FIFA 20 

Every year and every new season, EA will release updates for the players ratings. FIFA 20 Downgrades are based on the worst performing players in FIFA 19, so the FIFA 19 players who did not have ideal performance or not worth the current overall rating will probably receive a downgraded card in FUT 20 Ultimate Team, some of them will also update with position changes. Here we brings the biggest downgrades for all the big players in FIFA 20, most in the episode is already confirmed rating and some of them is just my prediction.

Are you expecting for FUT 20 downgraded players? Check below the full list of player items that have had their ratings permanently downgrades as part of FIFA 20 ratings refresh.

FIFA 20 Confirmed Downgrades - Player Rating Refresh For FUT 20 Biggest Players

Here is the list of FIFA 20 downgrades for Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 & more.

Players Name ClubFIFA 19 RatingFIFA 20 RatingDowngrades
Gareth BaleReal Madrid8885


IbrahimovicLA Galaxy85841
De GeaManchester United91892
Isco Real Madrid89854
UmtitiFC Barcelona87861
CourtoisReal Madrid90 882
NeymarParis Saint-Germain92902
Alexis SánchezManchester United87825
SturridgeTrabzonspor8077 3
MarceloReal Madrid88853
Sergio RamosReal Madrid91892
LukakuInter Milan87852
BuffonParis Saint88844
Modric Real Madrid91 892

What do you think about these downgrades for FIFA 20? Are there other players that you think should get a downgrade in FIFA 20?