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Win Free Fifa 18 Coins And Coins Account Weekly Upfifacoins Fifa 18 Totw Predictions Squad Competition

Win Free FIFA 18 Coins and Coins Account Weekly - UPFIFACOINS FIFA 18 TOTW Predictions Squad Competition

TAG: FIFA Coins News 11/15/2016 10:56:52 AM

Welcome to Upfifacoins.com! Thanks for supporting our store, we will be doing better and better for FIFA 18. In order to enjoy the game, our FIFA 18 TOTW Predictions Squad Competition is back! Are you ready for to get free fifa 18 coins and Coins account? Top 3 FIFA 18 TOTW Prediction squads win $10 free FIFA Coins and Coins account online!

FIFA 18 TOTW Squad


1. Login and build your TOTW prediction squad in here!

2. Make sure 5 players correctly at least in STARTING 11.

3. Save your squad name contains “TOTW + Number”, such as “TOTW 10”.


We do this squad competition is starting from TOTW 10 Prediction! So you can predict FIFA 18 TOTW Predictions each week until EA release FIFA 18 TOTW team, make sure your Starting 11 prediction squad with 5 correct players.


1. Highest Likes + Traffics = TOP 3

We will count the number of your totw squad’s likes and traffics until the EA TOTW release.

2. Do not using Fake Likes and Fake Traffics.

3. You can share TOTW Predictions Squad to your friends, FaceBook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc, any social website helps you get traffics and likes.

Free 10USD Description

1. Similar to a one-time voucher, we do not change.

2. Award-winning users get the value of about 10 dollars of free coins or Coins account, such as 50K PS4 Coins.

HOW TO GET MY Rewards?

Once your totw squad finalists our TOP 3 Squads weekly, we will announce the winners on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Then please contact me via Facebook Private Message to get free fifa 18 Coins or coins!

The Winners of Each Week

TOTW 10: Sourav Koley, Ronaldo, Nalaro

TOTW 11: Sourav Koley, Tom Schymberg, abdulaziz fatani

TOTW 12: TheChris, Jackson Philip, abdulaziz fatani

TOTW 13: Mahmound amro, Sourav Koley, okocha9123

TOTW 14: Tina, abdulazia fatani, Sam Blucher

TOTW 15: Tina, Sourav Koley, Tom Schymberg

TOTW 16: Mohammed Alakram, Alakram17, Sourav Koley


The end time of the event will be announced Here/Facebook, please take note of our information.

Well, have any problems about FIFA 18 TOTW Predictions Competition, please leave a private message on our FaceBook. Thanks. Wanna to know other Upfifacoins.com promotions? 1) Coupon “F17” with 5% discount to everyone. 2) Top 20 pack openers get FREE CASH CODE everyday from FIFA 18 Pack Opening Simulator, can stack and enjoy up to 50% discount for FIFA Coins and Coins Account online!