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FIFA 18 Squad Rating Combinations: How to get 87 - 78 OVR Team Rating Cheapest for FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges

12/18/2016 11:45:03 AM

Wanna to make FIFA 18 Squad Rating easy and fast to complete FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges? How to get 88, 87, 86, 85, 84 Overall Squad Rating for my fifa 18 SBC team? Today we Upfifacoins.com share the FIFA 18 Squad Rating Calculator and Combinations guide, depending on the players you currently have, easy make score you want for FIFA 18 SBC. Of course, the safest way to make sure your squad will meet the requirement is to make a concepte squad list.

This is a very cool things for FIFA 18 Squad Builder Challenges, so if you want to achieve an OVR rating on a squad, you can use these to figure out what ratings of players you can use to get to that rating. So at lines at the top and bottom are the OVRs of the players you use in the squad, and the numbers in the box are how many of each player you need to get it. So each row will add up to 11 players. If you already have some players in your club that will work for an SBC, you can use the to figure out the cheapest way to get that OVR.

Notice: The Squad Rating Calculation has updated after EA Update 1.05 (Title Update 4). We have update the new SBC Squad Rating Formula / Combinations (88 - 78).

88 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 88 SBC Rating Combinations

87 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 87 SBC Rating Combinations

86 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 86 SBC Rating Combinations

85 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 85 SBC Rating Combinations

84 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 84 SBC Rating Combinations

83 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 83 SBC Rating Combinations

82 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 82 SBC Rating Combinations

81 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 81 SBC Rating Combinations

80 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 80 SBC Rating Combinations

79 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 79 SBC Rating Combinations

78 Overall Team Rating

FIFA 18 78 SBC Rating Combinations

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