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FIFA 15 TOTY Market Crash Investment and Tips - Everyone Wait For Sunday

1/16/2015 8:25:14 PM

TOTY has been released, the Defenders and Midfielders also has been released, now the TOTY Attackers will release in Friday. The crash is in full swing, now the market prices are high, which is completely unexpected, it seems like Sunday was the lowest, despite the majority of cards dropping on average around 30-40%, but some upwards of 50%. We can probably expect prices to keep falling as attackers enter packs.

Costa Price

Investment and Tips
IF cards is a really good way to investing, you can expect upgraded IFs to definitely rise in value. Prices for IFs, TOTY and higher rated players will bounce back much more than the mid to lower-tier players, but they all definitely rebound a bit.

Patience is a key! Wait for Sunday, that is when big deals will happen. Do not waste money on packs if you believe you have a good luck, please pay more attention to your player price before the crash in the transfer market.

Many players ask me when to sell the TOTY players, the best time is the last day (Sunday) and well be able to see if they have dropped and how much they have dropped by. If you have not enough coins for TOTY investment, our store will provide you the low price and use our coupon "UFF" 3% discount for Ultimate Team Coins. Good time for TOTY.