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FIFA 18 No Loss Glitch Is Back On FUT Champions?

1/10/2017 4:16:12 PM

Good luck to everyone who are opening packs on FUT now! A glitch to double odds in pulling out TOTY cards from packs is most desired by the gamers who haven't draw any blue card, but EA will never let this kind of bug appear on FUT. However there are some glitches seem to be intentionally left in the game by EA, and appears to never be resolved. After doing several updates, the No Loss Glitch that had been popular in FIFA Draft Mode was finally fixed, and EA even punished the players who used the glitch by banning their accounts to appropriately warm gamers. But recently, more and more people have complained the bug has emerged again, and this time it is happening on the FUT Champions. 

No Loss Glitch Appears On FIFA 18 FUT Champions? 

A bug looks like no loss glitch has happened several times to some players and almost losing their ranks in FUT champions now. As the experience posted by DeanCoombesXB on Reddit, people were quitting out while they are drawing against him also and they were doing it on purpose (Shushing/Dab and then Pause/Quit). The disconnect happened instantly so it's not the old version of the no loss glitch so he could not figure out how they were cheating. You can read more details on the Reddit post Potential FUT Champions 'No Loss' Glitch

Also some players have reported the similar bug to EA, we get this reporter on EA's Bug Report:

FIFA 18 Glitch in FUT Champions

No Loss Glitch Is Still Active On FIFA 18 Draft Mode? 

Then we made some investigate and found out this bug have happened to many players, not only on FUT Champions and some even said the no loss glitch is still working on draft mode - one poster from Reddit said when he played the 3rd round of the draft with one guy named LCA MILOGOAL, the guy scored with Gignac from a corner and paused it, then it started to lag and he got disconnected and took the loss. And there are some players have seen people quitting on them after either of them score the first goal. 

Now we still can not sure if the bug is man-made or just technical problem of EA Servers. But this glitch has been making more and more players very frustrating, what's more the recent FUT Champions/FIWC Qualification periods going on this month until April, so EA need to offer a patch to fix this glitch ASAP, and we do hope it won't take years.

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