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FIFA 17 TOTY SBC: Cheapest FIFA 17 TOTW 17 Guarantee Squad Builder Challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team

1/12/2017 2:18:32 AM

With FIFA 17 TOTY Midfielders (96 Modric, 85 Iniesta, 95 Kroos) out, the new FIFA 17 TOTW 17 Guarantee Squad Building Challenge also came out! Complete the FIFA 17 TOTW SBC to get a FIFA 17 TOTW 17 Player, 91 Higuain, 88 Eriksen, 87 Isco and more! It is very cheapest and easy, you can repeat doing this challenge 4 days! OK, follow Upfifacoins.com fast to complete TOTW 17 Squad Builder Challenge!

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TOTW 17 Guarantee - FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenge

Rewards: 1x TOTW 17 Player (untradeable)

Squad Rating: Min 84

Team Chemistry: Min 30

Players in the Squad: 11

Below squads price around 25K coins, if you have some players, do this challenge with more less coins.

FIFA 17 TOTY - TOTW 17 Guarantee SBC

FIFA 17 TOTY - TOTW 17 Guarantee SBC 2

FIFA 17 TOTY - TOTW 17 Guarantee SBC 3

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