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FIFA 18 futties times

FIFA 18 FUTTIES Promotion Guide: FIFA 18 FUTTIES SBC and FUT Pick Card in FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 FUTTIES promotion is coming! There are many best FIFA 18 Pink cards for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team! FIFA 18 FUTTIES is one of the last events of the game, also is the last chance the community has to improve their squads with new players cards. On our UPFIFACOINS FIFA 18 FUTTIES Guide, you would ...


451 formation - fifa 18 formation

Best FIFA 18 Formations Guide in FUT: 5212/3421/41212/433(2)/451 Formation for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Which is your favorite formation in FIFA 18? Which one is your most used? Best formation in FIFA 18? Here we Upfifacoins.com would share the best FIFA 18 Formations guide from Bradley Russell, the 5212 formation, 3421 formation, 41212 formation, 433(2) formation and 451 formation depth guide, what y...


FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Card UPFIFACOINS

FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream and Investment Guide: FIFA 18 Halloween Ultimate Scream Players in FUT

FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Halloween will coming in FUT! FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream cards are awarded to a selection of scream players and released all at once in a single FUT squad of 23 players. Special FIFA 18 Halloween card, Kits, Packs Opening, Squad Building Challenges and more in fifa 18 Ultimate T...


Best Chemistry Styles for Goalkeepers

FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles Guide: Choose the Best FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles for Each Position (ST/CB/LB/RB/GK) in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA Chemistry is important in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team! You can use fut chemistry for your FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenge to get rewards easy; invest the popular chemistry to earn fifa 18 coins in market. Here we Upfifacoins.com share the FIFA 18 Chemistry Guide for you, hope this guide can help you...


FIFA 18 Career Mode - Best Young Forwards

Top Potential FIFA 18 Wonderkids and Buying Guide: Best Young Players and Hidden Gems You Must Sign for FIFA 18 Career Mode

Yes, everyone loves a wonderkid! In FIFA 18 you either build a good team for now and the next few seasons or build a team that has potential to grow. And EA Sports have given the career mode a polish with revamped transfer negotiations, and players will be able to take full advantage with the releas...


FIFA 18 Web App Live

FIFA 18 Trading Guide: Sniping and Investing Players for Making FIFA 18 Coins Fast at FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Transfer Market

FIFA 18 Web App is now live for Ultimate Team fans on PS4, XBOX ONE and Nintendo Switch before FIFA 18 release (September 29), in conjunction with the games first FIFA 18 TOTW 1 Inform squad. You can access EA FUT WEB APP and start your FIFA 18 season now! The app will serve to kick things off for t...


FIFA 18 FUT Champions Weekend League Rewards

FUT Champions Rewards: FIFA 18 Champions Monthly Rewards and Weekend League Rewards for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 FUT Champions is one of the best game mode to win rewards at FIFA 18 PS4, XBOX ONE and PC! It rewards the best players with amazing prizes (TOTW Players, FUT 18 Coins, FIFA 18 Packs, Champions Kit), fifa 18 weekly rewards are great but the fifa 18 monthly rewards are even better. Upfifacoins...


FIFA 18 Ultimate Pack

Best FIFA 18 Packs Guide: Buy FIFA 18 Packs to Open Good Rare Players and Earn FUT Coins for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Packs are one of the most important things in FUT 18, opening FIFA 18 Packs to get rare players, icon players and earn fifa 18 coins for FIFA Ultiamte Team. In FIFA 18, you will see a variety of free packs, regular packs and promo packs, which is the better pack for gold player...


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New FIFA 18 Celebrations Buttons Tutorial and Guide: Ronaldo, Mannequin, Mask and Scorpion Celebration for PS4

How to do the new FIFA 18 Celebrations in the game? Today Upfifacoins.com share the new FIFA 18 Celebrations tutorial and guide to you, there are 12 celebrations have been added at FIFA 18, what new FIFA 18 Celebration you will use in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team? Including X, Cell Phone, Mask, Hypnosis, M...


Upfifacoins.com FIFA 18 Coins

FIFA 18 Guide: 4 Ways to Making FIFA 18 Coins Fast in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Market

It is time to start thinking about your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team before FIFA 18 release at September 29, such as your best FIFA 18 starter team, which team you will build? How to get FUT 18 Coins fast to help your FIFA 18 career off to the right start? Here, Upfifacoins.com would share the 4 best way t...


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FIFA 18 The Journey: Alex Hunter's Story Continues in FIFA 18 Trailer

The big news today is that Alex Hunter is back in "FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns", the next chapter in the story that started in last year's FIFA 17—and players will get to play as Hunter as he goes on a preseason tour that brings him to Los Angeles and StubHub. In fact, the LA G...


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September 15! FIFA 18 Demo Release Date Leaks Early on XBOX ONE Store!

UPDATE: EA has confirmed the FIFA 18 Demo Release Date at September 12!FIFA 18 Demo release date has leaked on XBOX ONE store although it can not be downloaded yet! Yes, you can found the FIFA 18 Demo on the XBOX ONE Store, complete with a September 15 release date and a 7.3GB file size. You can acc...


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FIFA 18 FIFA Street! Leaked Footage from FIFA 18 Gamescom 2017

FIFA 18 demo at Gamescom 2017 might have leaked a massive new feature that PS4 and Xbox One fans have been demanding for years - FIFA Street! A video has come out of Gamescom saying FIFA 18 will feature FIFA Street, like MyPark in NBA2K. The 'leaked' footage was posted on Twitter yesterday a...


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FIFA 18 Career Mode: New FIFA 18 Career Mode Features Keep Game Fun to Play

With the FIFA 18 beta released it has been revealed that the prayers of fifa 18 career mode users have been answered and a whole new range of features are set to vastly improve the game which will be released on September 29th. Game players can now experience every aspect of the real transfer market...


FIFA 18 Squad Battles Rewards

FIFA 18 Squad Battles Rewards with FUT Coins and Packs for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 Squad Battles is the new FIFA 18 features for FUT, you can earn FIFA 18 Coins and Packs in this new single player FUT game mode, similar to FUT Champions, each win will net you a certain amount of points that will rank you in a rewards tier. The amount of points you receive per win will be d...


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FIFA 18 Features: New 360 Degree Replay Camera in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

With he arrival of FIFA 18, more and more fifa 18 news is being leaked, such as last week, leaked footage of new look FIFA 18 Career Mode emerged online, the feature will include a transfer deal hub which, for the first time, will involve your player actively sitting down to discuss terms of contrac...


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FIFA 18 Features: New FIFA 18 MLS Broadcast Package and StubHub Center Stadium in FUT 18

FIFA 18 is still six weeks away released by EA Sports, so much waiting! But news is starting to come pouring out about the game, and as always there will be plenty of new goodies for fans of the beautiful game and, this year, fans of the LA Galaxy and MLS. FIFA 18 will feature a new MLS presentation...


FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch India

FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch: FIFA 18 Switch Price Announced in India

The Nintendo Switch may not have an official Indian presence, but that hasn't stopped game companies from making their titles available. FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch will be coming to India. EA's popular football franchise joins Ubisoft's Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Warner Bros...


FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges

New FIFA 18 Features: Complete FIFA 18 Squad Battles, Objectives, Champions Channels and FIFA 18 SBCs to Earn FIFA 18 Coins Fast in FUT 18

New FIFA 18 features you need know after FUT LIVE, including FIFA 18 Squad Battles, FIFA 18 Objectives, FIFA 18 Champions Channels and FIFA 18 SBCs. Knowing these new fut 18 features to earn FIFA 18 Coins fast for your club. Squad Battles is a new single player mode for the game, the difference bein...


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FIFA 18 Icons Stories: 3 FIFA 18 Icons Versions with different FIFA 18 Icons Ratings in FUT 18

New FIFA 18 feature! FIFA 18 Icons Stories! Yes, every FUT Icon will have 3 unique versions, each representing a period in their career! Two will be in packs from lauch, third will be available at a specific time during the season in FUT 18! The Prime ICON version represent players when they were at...


FIFA 18 Celebrations Guide - EAS FC Unlockables

FIFA 18 Celebrations Guide and Tutorial: How to Celebrate after the Goal in FIFA 18?

How to celebrate after the goal in FIFA 18? How to do the new FIFA 18 Celebrations? Here we Upfifacoins.com share the list of FIFA 18 Celebrations Tutorial about FIFA 18 new celebrations, Running Moves, Finishing Moves, Pro Unlockables and EAS FC Unlockables in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, you can use the...


FIFA 18 FUTTIES Predictions

FIFA 18 FUTTIES Winners Predictions and Investments: How to Invest the Upcoming FIFA 18 FUTTIES SBCs to earn FUT Coins

Today, we Upfifacoins.com would share the FIFA 18 FUTTIES winners predictions and investments to you. How to invest the the FIFA 18 FUTTIES players and upcoming FIFA 18 FUTTIES SBCs to earn FUT Coins! Hype selling is alive and kicking as always. People buying now though and simply providing the hype...



Best FIFA 18 FUTTIES Offer Guide: Special FIFA 18 Pink FUTTIES Cards and FUTTIES SBCs in FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 FUTTIES - FIFA 18 Pink Card is coming! FIFA FUTTIES is a kind of FUT Oscars, also is an annual event, which is essentially driven by the FUT community. During the FUTTIES event, great offers are shared with the FIFA fans, including several new squad building challenges, exclusive players&#39...


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FIFA 18 Packs Opening: New FIFA 18 Pack Opening Animation in FIFA Ultimate Team

There is a new FIFA 18 Pack Opening animation in FIFA Ultimate Team, do you like it? How about the new pack animation compared to FIFA 17? Opening FIFA 18 Packs to get the rare FIFA 18 Players and earn FIFA 18 Coins in FUT 18. So here we Upfifacoins.com share the YouTuber DTT's video about new F...


FIFA 18 Skill Moves 3

FIFA 18 Skill Moves List: All New FIFA 18 Skill Moves and Buttons for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Playstation and XBOX

There are more and more news about FIFA 18 and many people are waiting for FIFA 18 released until September 29! Today we Upfifacoins.com would share the new FIFA 18 Skill Moves guide for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, the new FIFA 18 5-Star Skill - Ronaldo Spin has added to FIFA 18! What FIFA 18 skill moves...


FIFA 18 Demo Teams

FIFA 18 Demo Release Date: FIFA 18 Demo Download, FIFA 18 Kick Off Game Mode and FIFA 18 The Journey 2 for FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 is coming at September 29! We have known the FIFA 18 gameplay trailers, FIFA 18 Stadiums, FIFA 18 Icons (FIFA 18 Legends) and FIFA 18 The Journey 2 (Hunter Returns), it is time to know FIFA 18 Demo! In our Upfifacoins.com FIFA 18 Demo guide, you will known the details of FIFA 18 Demo Release...


FIFA 18 Wanda Metropolitano

New FIFA 18 Stadium List: All FIFA 18 Stadiums for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Official new FIFA 18 Stadiums for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team! FIFA 18 Stubhub Center, Amex Stadium, Kirklees Stadium (Falmer Stadium, John Smith Satdium) has confirmed in FIFA 18! FIFA 18 Wanda Metropolitano also confirmed by EA, FIFA 18 Stubhub Center stadium included in the Hunter's ...


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FIFA 18 Kits: New FIFA 18 Kits for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 will be released by EA at September 29! There are a lot of new FIFA 18 Kits for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, which kit should you use? Pre-Order FIFA 18 edition PS4, XBOX ONE and PC, you will get 8 special edition FUT Kits, such as FIFA 18 Bottlemen Kit, Glass Animals Kit, Bloc Party Kit, and&nbsp...


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FIFA 18 Icons Maradona, Thierry Henry, Lev Yashin and Pele join Ronaldo as new FUT Icons in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team!

EA Sports has announced 4 new FIFA 18 Icons (FIFA 18 Legends) for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team at June 12! FUT Icons Diego Maradona, Thierry Henry, Lev Yashin (best goalkeeper of all time), and Pele join Ronaldo as new icons in Ultimate Team, and Ronaldo is one of five new players to appear in the upcoming...


fifa 18 closed beta

FIFA 18 Closed Beta: How to get an invite for FIFA 18 Beta Testing?

FIFA 18 Closed Beta testing will be provided to FIFA Players which selected by EA Sports before FIFA 18 released at September 29. EA will select a handful of active gamers to help evaluate and review their latest project FIFA 18. We upfifacoins.com predict the FIFA 18 Closed Beta will begin in mid o...


FIFA 18 Features - Ronaldo

6 New FIFA 18 Features: Real Player Motion Technology and Immersive Atmospheres in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

EA revealed the new FIFA 18 Features in EA Play June 10! In addition to the FIFA 18 The Journey Season 2, what new fifa 18 features in the game? Dramatic Moments, Real Player Motion Technology, Team Styles, The Faces, Live Substitutions and Immersive Atmospheres in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, that will a...


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FIFA 18 Hunter Returns! Official FIFA 18 Story Mode The Journey 2 Teaser Trailer and Everything You Need Know

Alex Hunter returns to continue his career when FIFA 18 arrives on September 29! EA Sports has released a brand new FIFA 18 The Journey Trailer ahead of the game's release. In a fifa 18 journey 2 story trailer for the upcoming game, FIFA 17 protagonist Alex Hunter is dealing with the weight of f...


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FIFA 18 Celebrations List: New FIFA 18 Celebration with Ronaldo Thinking Pose/Griezmann/Dybala/Vardy/Matuidi/Giroud's Celebration in FUT 18

New FIFA 18 Celebrations will be added in FIFA 18! What new FIFA 18 Celebration you will use in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team? New FIFA 18 Celebrations revealed by EA Sports FIFA during EA Play Livestream, the fifa 18 celebrations image from FIFA 18 Gameplay Trailer - The World's Game. Here we Upfifacoi...


FIFA 18 Early Access

FIFA 18 Web App Release Date and FUT Webstart: How to Get FIFA 18 Web App Early Access and Make FIFA 18 Coins Fast?

When is the FIFA 18 Web App Release Date after FIFA 18 release date, fifa 18 cover and fifa 18 editions has confirmed by EA? How to get FIFA 18 Web App early access? How to login FUT Web App to build a good club and make FIFA 18 Coins in FUT Webstart? Here we Upfifacoins.com share the details of FUT...


FIFA 18 84 SBC Rating Combinations

New FIFA 18 Overall Squad Rating Calculation (84 Rated Team Combinations) and Investment for Squad Building Challenges after EA FIFA 18 Update 1.05

The FIFA 18 Squad Rating has updated after EA update 1.05 PS4 and Title Update 4, and the Old Squad Rating Combinations does not work any more and we will update them. All future SBC wills require more higher rated players, especially the 84+ Rating players will be in much higher demand in market, a...


FIFA 18 IMOTM Player

FIFA 18 International Man of the Match Guide: Best FIFA 18 IMOTM Orange Player Cards in FUT 17

FIFA 18 International Man of the Match cards are awarded in FUT 17 for exceptional Performances in real-life international fixtures. When a player receives a FIFA 18 IMOTM card all other versions of them will remain in the game (not packs). After their FUT 17 International Man of the Match card has ...


FIFA 18 Glitch in FUT Champions

FIFA 18 No Loss Glitch Is Back On FUT Champions?

Good luck to everyone who are opening packs on FUT now! A glitch to double odds in pulling out TOTY cards from packs is most desired by the gamers who haven't draw any blue card, but EA will never let this kind of bug appear on FUT. However there are some glitches seem to be intentionally left i...


FIFA 18 78 SBC Rating Combinations

FIFA 18 Squad Rating Combinations: How to get 87 - 78 OVR Team Rating Cheapest for FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges

Wanna to make FIFA 18 Squad Rating easy and fast to complete FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges? How to get 88, 87, 86, 85, 84 Overall Squad Rating for my fifa 18 SBC team? Today we Upfifacoins.com share the FIFA 18 Squad Rating Calculator and Combinations guide, depending on the players yo...


FIFA 18 Input Lag & Button Delays Solution - How To Fix FIFA 18 Lag

FIFA 18 Input Lag and Button Delays Solution - How To Fix FIFA 18 Lag?

According to result of a poll about the things piss you off the most on FIFA 18, we get know that Input lag and delay has been one of the most. Actually since the game was released, many players have been experiencing the problems related to Lag and other issues in FIFA 18. FIFA 18 Input lag and but...


FIFA 18 IF TOTW Trading

FIFA 18 Trading Method of IF TOTW Player Cards Investment to Make FUT 17 Coins in Transfer Market

There are many fifa 18 trading methods to earn FIFA 18 Coins profits on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, such as 59th minutes and BIN Sniping. Popular FIFA 18 Trading Ways you need know. Today, we upfifacoins.com share a hot IF TOTW trading method is mainly for those who do not search for lowest price for pla...


FIFA 18 Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Best Buy FIFA 18 Black Friday Packs Opening Good Rare Players and Earn FIFA 18 Coins Profits

FIFA 18 Black Friday is last Friday of November each year, how do i make fifa 18 coins, which special Black Friday pack is worth to buying? Thanksgiving Day 2016 is November 24 (Thursday) and Black Friday is November 25! Now the potential deals are worming their way to the surface, up today, you can...


FIFA 18 FUT Champions Weekend Leagues Win Games Glitch

FIFA 18 FUT Champions Weekend Leagues Win Games Tips - How To Find Out Weak Opponents And Win More Games?

As you know FUT Champions bring us such kinds of nice rewards, no one doesn't want to get qualify for Weekend Leagues and win more games for getting high tiers. To do this, you not only need a powerful team, but also need professional game skills to play against the opponents online around the w...



FIFA 18 Dribbling Tutorial - Tips And Tricks For You To Pull Your Opponent Loose

The dribbling changes in every edition of FIFA. There are big changes between the editions like FIFA 13, 14 or 15 - and sometimes the changes are smaller like FIFA 16, 17. With this FIFA 18 Dribbling Tips you will learn without any problems to let your opponent stand loose. Contrary to FIFA 16 the ...


Best FIFA 18 Player for FUT Champions

Best FIFA 18 Players make you win more Score Goals in FUT Champions Weekend League

Every weekend is crazy for FUT Champion Weekend League, you must at least reach Gold 3 (18-20 wins/40 matches) for consoles and Elite 3 (18-19 wins/25 matches) for PC, and the more you wins, the richer the reward, such as Ultimate TOTW Packs and Jombo Rare Players Pack each week. FIFA 18 Weekend Lea...


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FIFA 18 Coins Trading Guide: New SNIPE Players Faster and Easier in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Transfer Market

There are many methods to BIN Snipe players to earn fifa 18 coins profits, you do not even need to play matches to make coins, just sniping gold, silver, bronze players you want in transfer market, especially the player from FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenge. Today, we upfifacoins.com share a new ult...


FIFA 18 diego costa stats

FIFA 18 Glitch: How to do the Diego Costa Glitch to Score?

Diego Costa is a powerful and strong striker with a good finishing touch. Costa can bully defenders and then use his pace when a change is required. Incredibly competitive, his passion and will to win is second to none and his finishing is improving all the time. In FIFA 18, Costa with 85 rating and...


FIFA 18 Market Crash Trading Guide

Best FIFA 18 Market Crash Investment and Trading Guide to Earn FIFA 18 Coins Profits

What is going happen when FIFA 18 market crash in Black Friday, Cyber Monday, TOTY and TOTS? What is the best thing to do when market crash? Which players worth to investing? How to trade my players to earn coins? Yes, smart trading and right time investment can save and earn FIFA 18 Coins profits i...


FIFA 18 False 9 Squad Builder

Best FIFA 18 False 9 Formation Instructions, Custom Tactics and False Nine 433-5 Squad Builder Guide

In FIFA 18, EA Sports has introduced a new feature: the False 9 now really plays as it should in the game. The line-up has existed for a while, but now it is finally really effective. We'll help you deal with the FIFA 18 False 9 (433-5) formation, and which players should be the best at each pos...


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FIFA 18 Corner Kicks Advanced Guide and Tutorial: 2 Ways (P Spot / Paul Scholes) to Score Easy from Corner for FIFA Ultimate Team

Believe you have own fifa 18 corner kicks methods to score in the game, and FIFA 18 has a new targeting system for corners which you are probably not familiar with if you are new to FIFA 18. Here we upfifacoins.com share 2 super ways to get more goals from corner kicks - The P Spot method and the Pa...


FIFA 18 Maatch Preview

FIFA 18 Stadiums Guide: Choose NO Shadows Stadiums before Starting the Match

Believe many players feel uncomfortable that the FIFA 18 Stadiums with terrible shadows in online matches, especially the San Siro stadium, so this article is for you from the Reddit by Mr-Mixo. Choose the no shadows stadiums before starting the match, and protect your eyes in FIFA 18 game. You can ...


FIFA 18 Catalogue Items - Coins Reward Boost

How to gain FIFA 18 XP/FCC & Redeem FFC for worthy FIFA 18 Catalogue Items, FIFA Coins

In FIFA 18, expect FIFA 18 Coins and FIFA 18 Coins, there are another currency can be used for some special items. That’s FIFA 18 Football Club Credits (FFC), which are virtual currency redeemable in the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue (EASFC Catalogue), and most of these Catalogue Items are very ...


New FUT Champions Monthly Rewards

FIFA 18 FUT Champions Monthly Rewards Features TOTW IF Cards

In the past month, many of you enjoy playing FIFA 18 FUT Champions and win some nice rewards every week. Now we have done with October, what monthly rewards you are excepting to receive for the tier you've finished in? Apart from the confirmed kits, a couple of unique Informs along with FUT Cham...


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FIFA 18 No Loss / Disconnect Glitch in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Welcome to Upfifacoins.com! Today we share the FIFA 18 No Loss glitch to you, you also can say the FIFA 18 disconnect glitch, how to do? And we saw many people said the no loss glitch works on FIFA 18 Draft, really? Before we already know, using FIFA 18 no loss glitch can make the player loyalty, es...


FIFA 18 Consumables Cards Using Guide & Best Investment Tips To Earn FIFA Coins

FIFA 18 Consumables Cards Using Guide & Best Investment Trading Tips To Earn FIFA Coins

Consumables cards as the one of the four cards’ types in FUT, they are the most used cards except player cards, because they support your players to win games. As you know, in real football, good players always need specific training, simple injury treatment and stringent physical preparation to ens...


FIFA 18 Pro Club Squad - formation

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Guide - Tips For Creating Virtual Pro, Skill Coins, Player Improve, Position Choose, Play Any

In Pro Clubs you create your own Virtual Pro, which you can gradually improve and adapt. With this you can compete with your buddies and compete against other clubs. If you want to play successfully, high and tactical teamplay is required. Egoists and players who run the bird in the field will proba...


FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Players Card

Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Halloween Trading and Promotion Guide: Halloween Pack Opening, Squad Building Challenge and Make FIFA 18 Coins for FIFA Ultimate Team

Are you excited for FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Halloween? Fifa 17 squad builder challenge for Halloween has started in the game and Companion App. FIFA 18 Halloween is the first themed fut promotion of the season. It offers multiple pack offers on the FUT store, halloween ultimate scream player ca...



FIFA 18 FUT Draft Online & Single Player Rewards & Draft Squad Builder Tips

As many of you are wondering what rewards can get in FIFA 18 FUT Draft, we are here trying our best to list the right FIFA 18 Draft Rewards at basic of FIFA 16 and give you some tips on draft squad builder. Mostly likely they haven't changed for FIFA 18, so the rewards listed below including the...


fifa-17-gameplay-tips-fifa 18 attacking Tutorial

FIFA 18 Attacking Tutorial - How To Do Effective Attacks And Score Most Goals?

As complex football game, FIFA 18 comes with several mechanics acting simultaneously, and numerous control possibilities available to the player. If you want to score goals, you should do more practice on attacking and refine your skills in several different disciplines within the game. On our FIFA ...


FIFA 18 Sliders Setting

FIFA 18 Sliders Setting Recommend: Enjoy Offline FIFA Gameplay More Real Interesting

In addition to the online UT, there are many FIFA 18 Career mode players, but still is always is a problem about EA set the computer difficulty. Low-level is to simple, all staring at the defense, but high-level is too difficult, each team is Barcelona. Not funny.Fortunately, you can adjust the Slid...


FIFA 18 4-3-3 formation

FIFA 18 Lineup/Formations Guide: The Best Formation For Your FUT & Best Attack Formation To Score Most Goals

In FIFA 18, you can edit and modify your formation. Which line-up is suitable for your team? We give some tips.Before any game in FIFA 18, you have the opportunity to change your team's setup. Especially in FUT 17 and in the "Pro Clubs" mode, it is important to find a favorable formati...


FIFA 18 Long Ball Tactic Settings

FIFA 18 Tactics Guide and Tutorial for Counter Attack/High Pressure/Possession/Long Ball in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

By changing your team's tactic, you can help the team to achieve more goals on the pitch. There are 5 preset tactics in FIFA 18, you can also set your own custom tactic using the Custom Tactic option. Your team default tactic, reflecting your team play in attack and defence, and based on your te...


FIFA 18 Penalties Tutorial -Stop penalty

FIFA 18 Penalties Tutorial: How To Score With Penalty Shoot & How To Stop A Penalty?

In FIFA 18 we will give you tips and tricks, as you can properly shoot and stop penalties.  In this guide we give you a guide for handing penalties: How can you shoot them relaxed and keep up with a bit of luck. In the following moving images you can see how to take a penalty properly in FIFA 1...


FIFA 18 Security Answer

FIFA 18 Guides: How To Create And Reset Your FUT Security Code for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

If you have never been to XB360, XB1, PlayStation4, PlayStation3 or PC platforms to enter in FIFA and create FUT mode, you need to know the following steps.First of all, find the Ultimate Team in the main panel, enter into it and finish the teaching course.Second, set the Secret Question & Answe...



How to fix FIFA 18 Common Problems/Bugs: Install, Login, Connection, Ban Problems

FIFA 18 is here, many of you are enjoying the game, but still some players are trapped by some annoy problems, here we show you how to fix the most common FIFA 18 problems on the PS4, XB1, PS3, XB360 and PC. How to Fix FIFA 18 ProblemsYou can fix FIFA 18 problems on your own in many cases. Here is a...


FIFA 18 Pogba Dab

All FIFA 18 Celebrations for Goal Tutorial (Moves and Unlockables): Paul Pogba's DAB Dance, Gareth Bale's Heart and Cristiano Ronaldo's Jump

How to do DAB Dance Celebration like Paul Pogba? How to do fifa Celebrate to show how happy you are or to annoy the opponents. Keep in mind that there are also pro and EAS FC unlockable celebration that you can redeem and use. There are 12 new celebration in FIFA 18, including: Baby Girl, Big Man, E...


FIFA 18 Premium Gold Pack

Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Packs Guide:Buy FIFA 18 Packs to Open Good Rare Gold Players

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Packs are one of the most important things in FUT 17 since thy make it possible to introduce the cards into the game. In FIFA 18, you will see a variety of free packs, standard packs and promotional packs, which is the better pack for gold player? Hereby we Upfifacoins.com intr...


FIFA 18 New Penalty techniques

10 Useful Professional Tips For FIFA 18 - Guide You To Perform Unbeatable Skills

You want to start just after the release of FIFA 18? Your friends and online opponents from around the world look more professional than you right away? Then we have something for you! We have compiled the most important techniques for the new EA Sports football simulation for you. With these tips y...


FIFA 18 Chemistry Style Hunter card invest

100/10 FIFA 18 Chemistry with Consumables Cards Hidden Guide and Investment for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Still feel the FIFA 18 Player and Team Chemistry is useless for special cards? Then you are wrong! FIFA 18 Chemistry is different with FIFA 16 now, well, how chemistry works in FUT 17? What the relationship between 100/10 Chemistry and Consumables Cards for your FIFA 18 Squads? Which FIFA 18 consuma...



FIFA 18: How long is The Journey Take? What Rewards In Story Mode?

In FIFA 18, there are hints on how many game hours of story mode will deliver. In addition, the final reward is known.The Journey is the first story mode in the history of the FIFA series, which will be realized thanks to the Frostbite engine on PS4, XB1 and PC in FIFA 18. In this fresh and highly a...


fifa 18 companion app apk for android, ios, windows

FIFA 18 Companion App APK for Android/iOS/Windows Download Link & Login Guide

FIFA 18 Web App is online, most of you are rolling in it now? But sometimes you need to be away from your keyboard. Then FIFA 18 Companion App as the mobile Web App can keep you stay connected to the world of FIFA 18 when you are away from PC. Featuring full management of your FUT 17 Club while you&...



FIFA 18 Web App Not Invited Error Fixed & FIFA Web App Official Link

The FIFA 18 Web App is up and running but most players get a message saying haven't been invited to use the early web start for FUT 17. It means FIFA 18 Web App is requiring returning players to enter a security code for their EA Sports login.FIFA 18 Web is online now, There is ONLY ONE&nbs...



FIFA 18 Skill Moves Button Guide- How To Perform 5-Star Skills

In FIFA 18, we cover the key combinations of all skill moves prior to PS4 and PS3. How do the 5-star skills? We list all the Skill Moves including the new skill moves in FIFA 18 and show you How to perform the FIFA 18 skill moves on PS4 and PS3. In FIFA 18, there are countless ways to create ch...


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FIFA 18 Free Kick Tutorial: How to Score Trivela, Dipping, Knuckleball, Curved and Low Free Kick for PS and XBOX

If you want to have success into the pitch, you must to know the basic and advanced controls of the game, and here upfifacoins.com share you the FIFA 18 Free Kick tutorial and guide for the FIFA 18 Trivela Free Kick, Dipping Free Kick, Knuckleball Free Kick / Power Curved Free Kick and the Low Free ...


FIFA 18 Web App Guide - FAQ For FIFA 18 Web App 6

FIFA 18 Web App FAQ - The Guides To Help You Fix Common Problem Of FIFA 18 Web App

Everyone is asking the FIFA 18 Web App release date. It is very hard to find out in which date the FIFA 18 Web App will be launched because EA Sports never launch in the announced date to avoid servers overloaded and FUT 16 Web App was taken down for maintenance at 16/09/2016 12am UK time, but we es...


FIFA 18 Trading Guide - Upfifacoins

Best FIFA 18 Trading Guides and Tips: How to Earn FIFA 18 Coins When Starting FUT for Beginner?

Do you want to make lots of fifa coins and buy all the best players cards for your dream team? Upfifacoins.com will share you the best FIFA 18 trading guides and tips to earn fifa 18 coins. Making FUT 17 Coins will enable you to build better squads and help you get the most out of the fut game mode....


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FIFA 18 Web App Investment Guide: FUT Webstart Trading for Earn FIFA 18 Coins

FIFA 18 Web App has lauched at Tuesday, September 20, 2016. In addition to the FIFA 18 web app release date, today we upfifacoins.com share to you the fifa 18 guides and tips about earn FIFA 18 coins via FIFA 18 Web App Trading, although the price ranges will remain.FIFA 18 Web App Guide: Release Da...



FIFA 18 PS3 and XB360 - New Features comes to & The Content is missing from the Last-Gen

FIFA 18 not only appears on PS4, XB1 and PC with kinds of new feaures, but also on PS3 and XB360. However, some features are missing. We provide the information about the content in front of the old consoles.EA Sports recently announced the contents known to expect the PS3 and XB360 - Due to the lim...


FIFA 18 Achievements and Trophies

FIFA 18 Achievements and Trophies XB360 and PlayStation 3 in FUT and Career Mode

Do you want to see the FIFA 18 achievement and trophy list for PS3, PS4, XB360 and XB1? There are 45 FIFA 18 achievements and trophies for PS3 and XB360. The various achievements on the FIFA 18 achievement list include everything from winning a penalty shootout without missing and simply changing yo...


FUT 17 Web App early access

FIFA 18 Web App (FUT Webstart) Release Date & Offers, All Details About FUT Web App

The sooner you start playing FIFA 18, the bigger will be your chances of being successful. In the beginning the market will be very unstable. If you know what you are doing, this is the best time to make great deals. You will need time to study the market, so don’t miss the FUT Web App early access ...


FIFA 18 Five Star Skill Move Players 2

FIFA 18 Five Star Skillers List - All Five Star Skill Players In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

The Star Skill Moves measures the ability that a player has to perform technical moves. If you plan on making a fool out of your opponent in FIFA 18, you’re going to need some with five star skillers players in your FUT, also utilizing skill moves is a great way to beat defenders in the game.If you ...


FIFA 18 Companion App

FIFA 18 Companion App Features for IOS, Android and Windows Phone

Manage your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team anytime, anywhere with FIFA 18 Companion App. Over the past year, EA Sports FIFA has made huge strides to develop the mobile compatibility across different mobile platforms, namely Apple, Android, and Microsoft.The EA Sports Football Club Companion App, for iOS, And...


FIFA 18 Unique Rewards

FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges Guide for FUT 17 Coins and Packs

In addition to the FUT Champions is a brand new game mode with FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, EA Sports also released the new FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges game mode within FUT 17. Well, here is the FIFA 18 Guide about how the fifa 18 squad building challenges works and how fun it can be.There are six g...


FUT 17 Championship Series

FUT Champions for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Guide: Weekend League Rewards & Championship Series

FUT Champions is the all-new way to compete in FIFA 18 on the XB1, PlayStation 4 and PC. It rewards the best players with amazing prizes. Each week, qualify for the Weekend League and compete for in-game rewards. Consistently showcase your skill and climb the Monthly Leaderboards to earn in-game rew...


Best start tips to FIFA 18

FIFA 18 Guides: How To Start FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Properly for FIFA 18 Coins and Coins?

Are you feel exciting as we are closing the FIFA 18 released date? We believe many people are unable to hold themselves back to the start their FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Thus today we are going to give you guys the guidance to know how to start their FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and know what they can do befo...



Guide For All FIFA 18 Skill Moves: All New & Updated Skill Moves Button

As we all know, there are more and more details and news about FIFA 18 and many people are waiting for this amazing game released. We would like to give you guys some guidance on the skil moves so that you can welcome your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team in a experienced The Star Skill Moves measures the abil...


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FIFA 18 Demo Guides: Release Date, Teams, Game Mode (The Journey) and Download for FUT 17

With the information about FIFA 18 has been released by EA Sports, it seems the new FIFA version is worth our excepting. FIFA 18 is getting closer and closer to us, let's get know the FIFA 18 Demo release dates, playable teams, game mode, stadium, platforms, download instructions and other usefu...



FIFA 18 Set Piece Rewrite: MASSIVE update to free kicks, pens, throw-ins and corners

EA Sports is making FIFA 18 with new features and alternate camera angles. They should allow the gamer receive more tactical variations. Also feints there.Who is playing FIFA on the Playstation or the Xbox, knows that emotions are part of the game now.And it is quite often from emotions aggression. ...



FIFA 18 Closed BETA: How to get FIFA 18 Beta Testing for FUT?

As usual, A FIFA 18 close Beta testing will be provided to the FIFA players which selected by EA Sports before FIFA 18 is released to the general public, in order to test the game. If selected by EA, you’ll be able to download the game direct to your XB1, XB360, Playstation 4 or PS3. Unfortunately t...



FIFA 18 Global Cover Star Vote Stared With Rewards

So much is already clear: Lionel Messi is not pictured on the cover of FIFA 18. FIFA fans can join an online vote to decide which football will grace the global PackShot of the new football simulation. You can select the top talent Hazard, James, Martial and Reus. We have all the information and a n...


FIFA 18 BBVA.jpg

FIFA 18: Exclusive Deal with Liga BBVA - All Spanish Stadiums In FIFA 18?

Apparently EA Sports signed an exclusive deal for FIFA 18 with the Spanish Liga BBVA. Thus, this league will be fully licensed in FIFA 18.While in an official FIFA 18 presentation at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, home of Real Madrid, the La Liga ambassador Fernando Morientes announced that FIFA 18 ...



FIFA 18 Buying Guide: Prices, Discounts, Editions compared

If you are planning to buy FIFA 18 and want to know more details about the game, you should read this article. Our goal is to help you to know is FIFA 18 worth your buying, where you can buy FIFA 18, how much discount you can get and for which edition you should choose.Should I buy FIFA 18 ?The firs...



FIFA 18 Preview: A Live Career Story as a professional football

From the substitute to the striker: A charged with emotions career mode is the great flagship innovation of FIFA 18, the new version of EA Sports' famous football simulation series. Other features give themselves only to see the audition. As does, for example, the revised Dribbling noticeable. I...



FIFA 18: Trailer and Info for Story Mode - The Journey

FIFA 18 for the first time have a story mode. Layer the EA-play event went to E3 across the stage. For FIFA it is a revolutionary year: The Power of Frostbite allows "brand new experience" as the story mode FIFA 18-The Journey, which can be seen in the following trailer:With the switch to ...