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Tag Fifa 19 Black Friday

Tag : Fifa 19 Black Friday

  1. FIFA 19 Tradeable TOTW Upgrade SBC 4
    FIFA 19 TOTW Upgrade SBC Repeatable and Tradeable are available in FIFA Ultimate Team! Complete the TOTW Upgrade SBC with FIFA 19 cheapest 83/84 rated players you can get a TOTW Players Pack during FIFA 19 Black Friday event! You can open or save for later, so how many the Best of Team of the Week P...
  2. fifa-19-black-friday-best-of-totw
    Hype! FIFA 19 Black Friday has started on FUT from 2pm UK, November 23, 2018, bringing the exciting Flash SBCs, new Flashback SBC, FUT Black Friday Best of TOTW Packs, Lighting Round FUT Packs offers and Daily/Weekly Objectives. In this guide, we will present all the details of the FUT 19 Black Frid...
  3. FIFA 19 Flashback Sturridge SBC - The Three Lions SBC 3
    EA 19 Black Friday event in progress! In addition to the Flash SBCs, Lightning Round and Best of TOTW Players , there are two new FIFA 19 Flashback players are also released during the FIFA 19 Black Friday and Cyber Monday event! The first Flashback player is Daniel Sturridge! Now you can complete t...
  4. fifa 19 Black Friday Squad
    Black Friday! Hype! FIFA 19 Black Friday begins with the best of the TOTW players in packs now! You can buy FIFA 19 Black Friday Packs opening to get 93 Neymar, 92 Suarez, 92 Hazard, 91 Lewandowski, 88 Mbappe and more in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team! Crazy! EA named this selection the ‘Best of Team of the ...
  5. FIFA 19 Black Friday Guide - Release Date, Pack Offers, Flash SBC, Market Crash and Investment Tips
    FIFA 19 Black Friday event as the annual shopping holiday and one of the biggest promo for the FUT Community before Christmas, is approaching fast with special offers, market crash and investments on FUT. In this guide, we try to detail the FIFA 19 Black Friday release date, offers, and the market c...